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No description

afnan shaikh

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Demo2

Modules Implementation
Progress Report
References PROBLEM DEFINITION Traditional Alpha-numeric Passwords
i.e Hard to remember
Easy to guess the password
User has to keep different passwords for different accounts
Less password security
Prone to Shoulder Surfing MODULES IMPLEMENTATION Convex Hull Module DESIGN PROGRESS REPORT Modules Completed
Banking Module
Database Design Module RESISTANT TO SHOULDER SURFING Data Flow Diagram Activity Diagram 1 2 3 Control Flow Diagram Use Case Diagram 4 Pseudo Code 5 Creation of Convex Hull Area Draw line segments from all pass-icons to the rest iteratively.
Select the leftmost line segment considering the Clock-wise direction. Getting the co-ordinates of the pass-icon and storing it in a array List. Check: Number of times user clicked with the number of icons present inside the convex hull area. if equal
Compare the co-ordinates values from the list. else Authentication Failed Work Space Banking Module DTO BLL DAL Data base Database Design Module
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