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Becky Lyne's Career Path - Athlete or Schools

No description

Rebecca Lyne

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of Becky Lyne's Career Path - Athlete or Schools

2nd in school B team
First Race
My dream…
Copyright © 2012 Rebecca Lyne
To be a professional athlete and run in the Olympics
By the end of Y6...
Also did loads of other sports e.g. football, basketball, rounders, hockey, ballet, skiing, trampolining, scouts...
League, City Champs
and Relay Champions
Highest finishing position = 2nd
South Yorkshire
England, Great Britain
University and Senior Level Transition
Professional athlete!!
Commonwealth Games
European U23 Championships
I wasn't very good!
No one in my family was either!
My brother used to tease me about it and bet me £100 I'd never run for England!
Britain's Female
Athlete of the Year
Sheffield primary school
cross-country races
Joined in Y8
Trained 2 x per week
School and club XC races
School and MacDonalds Track League
Y9 - Gradually improved and qualified for English Schools XC (came 47th)

Trained 3 x per week

(PBs 2:25 and 4:55)
Y10 - Growth spurt (I was a late developer)

2nd in 1500m at English Schools = First England vest :-)

Trained x 4 per week

(PBs: 2:15 and 4:36)
Y11: 2:14 and 4:39
Y12: 2:07
Y13: 2:05
Trained 6-8 x per week

Times: 800m: 2:05, 2:02, 2:01.7, 2:01.2, 2:01.9
1500m: 4:25, 4:15, 4:14
He never did pay me that £100... cos he also bet me £100 I'd never be a prima ballerina!
Secondary School
European 800m
Bronze Medal
PBs 1:58 and 4:06
Traveled the world to find the best training environments, training partners and therapists...
New Career...
Charity work
Holistic Health Coaching Business
My Journey...
I still wasn't that good!
I didn't enjoy it at first as I got so nervous
I quit but my teacher persuaded me to keep going as they needed me for the team
No cross country team at secondary school
Still got really nervous
Often had to get public transport to training
PE teacher got annoyed that I raced for club instead of school
Started to increase training frequency => conflicts with other hobbies.
Crunch time:
ballet or running?
Balancing social, academic and training demands
Mostly self-funded
Times starting to plateau - had I maxed out my potential?
Higher expectations from self and others.
Injuries creeping in
Had to choose between 800m and 1500m focus
International disappointments: tripped, food poisoning, 4th!
Balancing greater social, academic and training demands
Time to look after myself!
Times plateau or getting worse - had I maxed out my potential?
Threat of losing lottery funding
Even higher expectations from self and others - maybe I wasn't cut out for it.
More injuries creeping in
Trained alone 90% of time
Parents split up
Changed coaches
Split from long-term boyfriend
Didn't like being 'famous'
Lacking confidence
Too many sources of input
No cohesive team
Financial pressure
Lost enjoyment
Overtrained (twice a day 6 days a week) => burnout
Training in pain much of time
Mainly trained alone
Lost the 'winning feeling'
Frequent change of environment
Disappointments in not qualifying for championships
Janeth Jepkosgei
(World 800m
Champion 2007)
Craig Mottram
(2 x World Athletics Final 3km Champion)
Kelly Holmes
Paula Radcliffe
Should i have stayed home all along?
(My wonderfully supportive and un-pushy parents)
...but was barely able to race in 6 years
Ignored my brother and joined school cross-country team
My supportive parents took me to races and never put pressure on me
Focused on beating my PB each race and gradually improved
Tried to ignore nerves as was always glad after the race when I'd done my best
Joined Hallamshire Harriers
Just got on with it! (Got easier as I got more used to it)
The rewards were worth it
Had to decide which I enjoyed the most and which I was best at...
Good organisation and discipline was required (didn't watch much TV)
Applied for grants and did fundraisers with training group
Coach helped me to decide event focus
Started to get physio and do more strengthening and stretching
Watched virtually no TV! Learned to compromise in social situations (e.g. going on half a holiday). Friends understood.
Just kept training and focusing on myself, holding on to the belief that, based on training times, I had more improvements to come...
Lost perspective...
Not the end of the world...
Eunice Sum
(World 800m
Champion 2013)
Mo Farah
Achilles Surgery
Wrist Surgery
Focus on yourself, not what others are doing or telling you to do
Really learn to listen to your body and make sure you recover properly
Get a good team of people around you that cares for you more as a person than an athlete
Keep it simple
The grass isn't always greener
Sometimes less is more - don't push hard all the time
Develop a good technique from a young age
You will face many hurdles along the way, but learn from the challenges they pose. Invariably things happen for the best
"The race is long. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind, but in the end it's only with yourself"
So enjoy the journey!
My advice for athletes:
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