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Danielle Öqvist

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Using rubrics for writing to improve our students' writing A Learning Focused School Instructional Rubrics:
Remember the Purpose Objective:
To produce a rubric which will help children improve their writing
"The purpose of assessments is to answer the question, Where is the student today, and how can I help the student grow tomorrow?" Plan Backward from the End Task When we focus on a summative task, we should ask ourselves, What does the student need to know to accomplish the task?

'Backward' planning or instruction ensures that the student has the opportunity to develop all the skills and knowledge he or she needs to successfully complete the end product.
- Ron Klemp, professor
California State University English Department Meeting
Rubrics for Writing Take a moment to review the article you were asked to read for today's meeting. Highlight or take note of any section(s) you find relevant, that you question, or that you agree/disagree with. Be prepared to share and discuss in a small group. Language curriculum orders and leveled readers for 2013-2014
Use part of your budget to buy books!
End of term dept meeting 2012- my group identified the need for a more structured writing program
Order has been placed for Sue Palmer's Skeleton's for Writing (non-fiction and fiction text types)
Words Their Way – Spelling Inventory and Word Study Instruction
Professional Development in Writer's and Reader's Workshop
Writing A-Z and Vocabulary A-Z
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