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Myaiesec.net For Dummies

No description

Ikenna Okoroafor

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Myaiesec.net For Dummies

For any question feel free to contact me

vpogxaiesechalifax@gmail.com Fill everything and then click on “generate form” then email me and I will change your status to available. Looking for your internship is free so DO IT NOW!!!!!! Steps to take to apply for a job.

Email the TN manager with your EP CODE, your CV and write:
Who you are
What you do in AIESEC Halifax
Why you want to go in internship; More than half a page at least. (Motivation Letter) Fill all the fields clicking on them Put the months you want the stay in internship Keep TN 1. Introduction to www.myaiesec.net Email the TN manager Click on the TN CODE Put the country where you want to go clicking on show Put the dates you want to leave GIP or GCDP EP FORM With
AIESEC Halifax Your young.
You made a choice
We are happy it is.. Select the Dates you want to go abroad Select the countries you would like to go to Select TN ID This leads you to the Job Description Page.
You also find the following on the page:
Duration of the internship
Account Manager Contact
Most importantly the details of the Job Description Account Manager Email Account This should be the final view you have
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