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Endgame: The Calling

No description

Curtis Anderson

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Endgame: The Calling

Twelve players emerge from from each of the twelve ancient lines of humanity. Each player remained "normal" and kept Engame secret. Each player, ages 13 to 20, must search and seek out the first of three keys hidden somewhere on the planet using the "clue" kepler22b, a maker of the game, gave them. All have different ways of playing, whether it be kill or try to make peace, all are fighting for humanity.
Endgame has only two rules: only one player may win, and there are no rules. Each of the players travel place to place in efforts to find the Earth Key. Some team up for support, some go alone, but only one player can win
Summary cont.
James Frey
Copyright: 2014
Endgame: The Calling
Sarah Christopher Hilal
Jago Kala
Baitsakhan Aisling
Maccabee Alice
Chiyoko Shari
An Marcus
"Our future is unwritten. Our future is your future. What will be will be"

This quote from sums up the entirety of the book and is repeated numerous times. It tells the reader that the future lies in the hands of the players; they have the ability to determine who lives, and who doesn't. It is a way of keeping human population at a reasonable number.
Literary Device: Narrative Structure
(Vertically) "She will be ready. For him. For him. She opens her eyes. The light disappears. She falls back to Earth. Sarah Alopay... This is engame."

Every time a significant part of the story or an important event occurs, Frey limits each line to a brief sentence because it adds a dramatic/ intense feeling. He implements this vertical sentence structure to slow the reader down and cause the reader to better understand the importance.

Literary Device: Conflict
"But he was honest with her, and so was Sarah, and she will not kill a Player while he sleeps."

Conflict arose many times throughout the book. Conflict is a large part of the heart and soul of this book, because the idea is to win the Endgame which means beating any and all of the other players. This one example describes how conflict between two of the players can result in different ways. It is obvious that this player, Chiyoko, could have killed Jago while he was sleeping but didn't because there are no rules that say you have to kill in Endgame. Most of the players have some sort of contact throughout the book, and each carries out their actions differently, proving there is no specific way to play Endgame.
The Puzzle
"This book is a puzzle. Within its pages lie clues that lead to a key hidden somewhere on Earth. Decipher, decode, and interpret. Search and Seek. The first to find the key and deliver it to its proper home will be rewarded with gold. Stacks and stacks of gold."
3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV89109
If you enjoyed the Hunger Games, you will enjoy Endgame
Chance at winning $500,000 in gold coins
Always intense, get "lost"
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