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Big data, Mobile Technology & your Car

No description

Nash Ogden

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Big data, Mobile Technology & your Car

One Billion Cars

Smart Phone Connectivity Partners
OpenCar, UIE, Airbiquity, Abalta, etc
Sprint Velocity Connected Vehicle Platform with IBM as partner.
Popular Auto Apps
In-Car Infotainment is Racing Ahead
Globally Embedded Connectivity
Grows from 14% in 2011 to 46% in 2018.
Projected to hit 80% in the US by 2018.
Public Opinion from AAA Research
Contoversial Findings
AAA Distracted Driver Video
Public Opinions,
HMI Considerations &
Driver Distraction Concerns

M2M Connections by Type
How much HMI is Distractive?
HMI Report
Advantages and Disadvantages of Embedded vs Smart Phone Apps

New Apps

Garmin Hudway
In-Car Infotainment (ICI)

Prominent players of ICI System are Harman International (U.S.), Pioneer (Japan), JVC-Kenwood (Japan), Deplhi (Japan), Denso (Japan), Alpine (Japan) and Bosch (Germany). Some of navigation system and service providers are TomTom (The Netherlands) and Garmin (U.S.), software platforms include Tizen.org's IVI.
Car providers are also offering more possibilities for application development. The previous model was based on manufacturers developing applications and then providing them to the user. Now car manufacturers are listening to the consumer more and focusing on following software industry leaders like Apple and Google.
A Mobile App Developer’s Perspective

Big data, Mobile Technology & Your Car
Embedded Pros

Can Integrate with 100’s of vehicle sensors
Seamless user experience
Little or no user setup
Safely mounted
HMI profesionally designed for car use
Hands Free or integrated to steering wheel

Embedded Cons
linked to one operator in US
Upfront hardware cost
cannot split bills
roaming charges
Expensive and limited - 47%...
Not always up to date
Integration Pros
■ Cheaper - Requires less costly hardware in-vehicle
■ Supports the customer’s preferred apps
■ Makes use of up-to-date external modem
■ Enables direct allocation of service connectivity costs
■ Relies upon the computing power of the smartphone
■ App Developer friendly
Integration Cons
Service continuity
Securing the phone
Not appropriate for security and safety applications
Driver distraction

Source: GSMA Connected Vehicles
Connected Car / Google / Big Data / New Tech
OEMs in US are tied to specific carriers unlike Europe.

GM will start connecting all cars sold in the US to AT&T’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks
Big data
and the connected vehicle
IBM – Partners to improve urban traffic Control using big data analytics to make mobility quicker, safer, and greener.

New Databases like Hbase , Hive, Mongdb (Hadoop) are better suited for real-time processing of data.

Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) and  Long Range Bluetooth favor the Integrated Smartphone.

Honda Demonstrates Advanced Vehicle-to-Pedestrian V2P and Vehicle-to-Motorcycle V2M Safety Technologies using DSRC 8/28/2013 3:24:00 PM

New Technologies
Connected vehicle technology is creating a new age of automobile innovation and smartphones are potentially an important part.
Connected Car Take Aways
APP Take Aways
Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous and users rely on them wherever they go.
HMI Take Aways
Great HMI is super important.
Take Aways
Embedded systems and Integrated smartphones will coexist.
MBRACE – $280 per year includes (each vehicle gets a 6 month promotional trial):

Safety, Security, Convenience & Remote Access

Automatic Collision Notification
SOS/Emergency Call
Roadside Assistance Connection
Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance
Automatic Alarm Notification
Crisis Assist
Safe Ride
Valet Protect (Mobile Application only) m2
Convenience & Remote Access
Remote Door Lock & Unlock
Remote Horn & Lights
Vehicle Health Report* (via monthly email)
Vehicle Finder (Mobile Application only)
Dealer Connect
Vehicle Information
Search & Send™
If consumers want more they can add a service tier called MBrace Plus for another $20 per month. MBrace Plus includes (consumers get a 3 month trial):

Mercedes Benz Concierge service
Driving Journal
Travel Zones
Speed Alert
Point of Interest Destination Download
Route Assistance
Location Based Traffic & Weather
There is also a top level tier for another that features Mercedes Benz Apps at an additional $14 per month (3 month trial included) or bundled with theMBrace Plus for $28 per month:

Internet Browse
Google™ Local Search
Google Street View
Destination/Route Download
Essentially Mercedes will garner $616 per year in revenue from each consumer that opts for the telematics services offered up by Mercedes.
An App Developer's
Take Aways & Projections

Telematics will become increasingly standardized and cross compatible between manufacturers. OEMs must build a collaborative ecosystem in order to rearchitect the automotive IT fabric to incorporate security from the silicon level and up.
Global Opinions of
Apps & Infotainment
Love their Smartphones
China Study

China Survey
Apps vs Embedded
75% were either extremely or very interested in a tethered smartphone solution.

64% showed interest in embedded connectivity solutions.

Wifi hotspot were the top feature within infotainment category
Subscription services are unpopular and only 50% would pay $10/month
Driver Distraction
88.5% say drivers talking on cell phones are a somewhat or very serious threat to their safety

95.7% say this about drivers texting/emailing

90.3% say problem is getting worse and
Drivers admit to doing the same things they say are unacceptable for others to do!
Random sample of 3,896 U.S. residents of
driving age (16+ taken in 2012)
Embedded Technology vs Smartphone Apps
Public Opinion

Advantages and Disadvantages
Connected Car and New Tech
Take Aways
In-Car Infotainment Growth and Successful SmartPhone Apps
Global Consumer Attitudes and Concerns
Distracted Driving
Advantages and Disadvantages of Embedded
SmartPhone Apps
Connected Car Technologies, Big Data, DSRC (Dedicated Short- Range Communication)
One In Every 5 People In The World Own A Smartphone, One In Every 17 Own A Tablet
Tactile Steering Wheel preferred over HMI
Capgemini Study of 8000 Consumers across 8 Countries
Buyers expect their new cars to have technology at least as good as they find in other devices in their life.
Fragmented Marketplace
Hinders Developer Ecosystem
Ford - SYNC solution, MyFord Touch – AppLInk with 1M vehicles; opens store to 3rd parties with their SDK. Ford accommodates the users smart phone.  It expects another 3.4 million vehicles to be able to run its apps in the coming year. Ford also announced it will hold its first ever developer’s conference this June. Currently has 60 apps.

Mercedes Benz – Mbrace2 Package; available on the Apple iPhone and Android-based phones

BMW - opens store to 3rd parties with their SDK

Toyota – Entune® App Suite

Opel – IntelliLink; integrates with smartphone David Voss (Lead Engineer HMI – Simple one click approach and/or voice and flexible favorite concept

Mazda – OpenCar Connect (Mazda Connect)

Honda – HondaLink

Kia - Google

Volkswagon - MirrorLink by the Car Connectivity Consortium

Open Automotive Alliance (OAA)
an Android/Google platform

just announced at CES Jan 2014.

Audi, GM, Honda, and Hyundai just joined

Google buys WAZE and plans to integrate traffic reports into google maps
Microsoft is well established in embedded systems as well.
Big Data is coming to your car
Major app innovations will continue to appear faster as the OEMs open their systems and standardize.
Navigation apps will grow the fastest
Hands Free is not distraction free.
About 90% of population believes driver distraction is a major issue.
Tactile technology can help and is well received
Distracted Driving is still unsolved and remains a MAJOR concern.
IBMs, HPs, Oracle, IT companies – Big Data guys are going to become players
Big Data is coming to Your Car - 3D HD situational dynamic immersive maps , autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, analysis of auto sensor information, etc.
Connected vehicle technology is creating a new innovative age of smart mobility. Ford is working with MIT, Stanford to build “common sense” into self-driving cars
Consumers dislike paying subscriptions and dropout rates will continue to be high.
Integrated connectivity will likely take precedence over simple tethering and the smart phone role will become more ancillary than today..
The disparity between product development cycles of the car, apps and connected services has proved challenging for automakers and app developers but the new google alliance and tech advances in mobile virtualization will help.
Each have significant advantages and disadvantages.
One size does not fill all
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