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Things Fall

No description

aubrey munoz

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Things Fall

Okonkwo acted off of rage and without thinking first, he was a very impatient man. He acted this way out of his fear of becoming his father, who he thought of as a feminine man.
Okonkwo was known throughout the community as a warrior and a fighter. He held titles and drank from the heads of men he had killed.
Okonkwo's Masculinity makes and breaks him in this story. Okonkwo's Masculinity Roles of Women Marriage Arrangements Family Life Extended Family Support Feminine Side vs. Okonkwo When Okonkwo was sent into exile he immediately went to his mother's homeland. There he was taken car of with open arms and generous giving by his cousins and extended family In the Ibo society, men were the dominant sex, they ruled over their families including their wives.Women are relegated to a more or less service position often living in fear of their husbands. although Okonkwo's quick temper with his family was never portrayed as admirable, he unquestionably has the right to be aggressive at home. women are considered weaker then men.Women were
Priestess and judges.
women were just a responsible for crops as the men were. they didn't harvest the "manly crops" like the yam seeds but they did help grow other crops that required less work. The ability of a women to occupy the role of a priestess, a spiritual leader, reveals a clear degree of reverence for women being present in the Ibo society. More than one wife is acceptable
Beatings are normal
Okonkwo is trying to raise one son whose not interested in ibo culture and one who isnt even his own son but loves the ibo culture Things Fall Apart The marriage ceremony is a long process
In the Ibo community the men pay a bride price.
Girls marry young in this culture.
After marriage, women belong to their husband and can be beaten, but they are also allowed to leave. Throughout the book Okonkwo acts the opposite of his father. His father was a weak, feminine man. To Okonkwo a feminine man is one who adapts to how things are, they accept the new, they enjoy beauty and music and life itself. They think about their actions and he does not.
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