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Marist Solidarity

No description

Suryhaganeshya Maniraj

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Marist Solidarity

The End. Thank you for Watching and paying attention to our presentation!!
The Kuya Street Centre
For Street Kids

Connect Lives Change
It is how we connect that determines how lives will change
Help other people who are far outside of Australia
Over 18 projects across 16 countries , throughout Asia - Pacific region changing lives.
Theme & Meaning
How can one become involved with the Marist Solidarity?
Like us on facebook or subscribe to our newsfeed
Explore our outreach page
Join the conversation on facebook
Start supporting Marist Solidarity projects
Connect someone else into the story
Kuya centre for street kids in Manila, Philippines
Religious Brothers
Volunteers and staff
International Marist Family
Where is it? Who is involved?
How do they raise Funds necessary for this project?
What are the needs being met and how?
The support provided staff to help the children to develop themselves
The children have been introduced to unique learning opportunities and even employment opportunities.
They raise money from donations from Marist Solidarity
Donations from the community
Doing charity runs
Raising awareness
What has caused for this organisation to exist?
The world needs a change
Everyone deserves an opportunity to develop themselves
This was St Marcellin Champagnat's dream when he founded the Marist Brothers in 1817.
What parts of the world are MAPS involved in?
Sri Lanka
East Timor
Papua New Guinea
Soloman Islands
New Caledonia
How can you become involved in this projects?
Get involved by raising money at school
Contributing money to Marist Solidarity to allow them to buy items and provide them useful things.
Marist Solidarity
Child rights & child protection across Asia
Evolve child rights & child protection
Started a workshop on child rights and child protection
Professional training for MSA school immersion leaders
Who Benefits & how From The Work
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