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Hatch Match & Dispatch

A Docudrama based on teenagers complicated life's and the consequences their actions have on their life's aswell as their families.

April James

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Hatch Match & Dispatch

Double click anywhere & add an idea HATCH, MATCH AND DISPATCH In what ways does my media product
challenge forms and conventions
of other existing products? I have used other
media products to
create a starting off point
for my documentary: such
as 'Tattoo'. I don't see why my
documentary cannot just
be about teenagers,
but have paralell narratives
from VOXPOP interviews
and parents views aswell as
students. Varied shots enable
a more realistic
and viewable programme
that entertains aswell
as informs. Varied camera shots
Mode of Adress
Young presenter (me)
Persona and ideology of characters involved
Pastiche of young mothers emulating.
Repeated story of teenagers in poverty
Social status
Consistency and interviewers input.
I have included
statistics aswell; although
there was no need for a background
historical research. The present
days statistics of pregnancy rates
provided me with more than enough information. Interviews Student interviews consist
of brief words of 'young' lexis.
The audience demographic can relate
to this stereotype and either sympathise
or agree. The adults perspective
emulates that of parents who
are watching this programme.
the supposed 'Voice of reason'
stating everything the middle aged
audience cannot say to the TV screen.
Video of audience watching the documentary The structure for my documentary layout and how I would go about improving my storyboard making the consistency more fluid. I also used the feedback
off other documentary's
and similar media. Similar media You tube and TV
documentary's such as Tattoo
helped a great deal with the layout
and structure of the voice overs
and diegetic/ non-diagetic soundtracks
which integrated themselves
within the tone and ambience of
the genre (sad/ elated/ shock) towards
the audience. I used a sponsor
to connote the genre behind
the documentary which
is children in need and the sadness
of certain poverty situations. Comparing the similar media
such as 'Tattoo' documentary
with MES and varied camera shots, it also included a historic background, which I felt my documentary did not need; the up-to-date genre of it represents children in the present and how the statistics of teenage pregnancy has risen. Storyboarding our ideas allowed an anchorage for the documentary. We experiemented with our brand and key demographic which ranges from 16 to 45; various narratives were discovered, such as the three parallel narratives of Birth, Marriage and Death. Drafting the documentary
sequence Contents Ancillaries
Storyboard Plan
Similar Plan
Interview planning
Audience Feedback
Print Media

Ancillaries Ancillary one is a newspaper
advertisement that illustrates
the brand and genre of Hatch, Match
and Dispatch by coding the brown,
stained sonogram image which illustrates
the authenticity and realism. We viewed double page spreads
from various magazines such as
Glamour and Bliss which helped
us to create the structured layout
which synergised with both Ancillary one
and the documentary.. Planning ancillary one:
Newspaper Advertisement 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final Acillary One The first draft illustrates
the inexperience we had
with the layout and
synergy of the products.
Using the 'Las Vegas' theme
was unsuccessful as it
corrupted the genre into a
gambling narrative instead
of Teenage weddings.
The second draft was more effective in our aim to create a controversial genre with the large image in the left hand corner, representing a single mothers struggle. Hatch, Match and Dispatch's inner sub-genre is how families and the mother copes with being pregnant and the views of the public. Mise En Scene is successful within the bleak background, suggesting there's no hope and a mistake has been made. The purple background was
unsuccessful for the brand of
the documentary, but we
took quotes out of the documentary
and applied them as a large masthead
for the advertisement. The creation
of enigma allows the audience
a glimpse of what will be shown.
similarly to draft
number 4, we used a quote
which applied to the teenage
pregnancy's more which would
get people's attention with it
being a controversial issue in
the media already. When looking at other
newspaper advertisements
using the search engine Google, we discovered many
have a play on images which
acts as a narrative within a picture, such as the baby grow stating the baby was a
mistake. The shocking, upsetting statement represents a important fact of teenage pregnancy's and how many are unplanned. experimenting with the number 6 draft, we used a sonogram image and photoshop to adjust the contrast and colour levels constructing realism from the brown, stained image of a
foetus. We extended the idea of using an image to tell the story which also allowed a new narrative from the baby's point ov view. This audience feedback
chart allowed me to see which
sex the demographic was aiming towards.
I found out that women are more
interested in the genre of my documentary than men.
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