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Becoming a Lawyer

No description

Haley Raizes

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Becoming a Lawyer

Why I chose this career... Lawyer My Career Path Everything you
need to know to become a Education Internship Introduction A lawyers job is to...
- represent clients in criminal, civil, and legal proceedings (depending on the type of lawyer)
-draw up legal documents
-manage/advise clients on legal transactions.

There are many types of lawyers, most lawyers specialize in one area of law. Skills Interview 1. How long did it take you to become a licensed lawyer?
In Brazil it took 5 years.
2. What were some challenges? Things you liked?
My biggest challenge was studying hard enough to pass the bar exam. I liked defending people and I was curious about law in general.
3. Why did you want to become a lawyer?
I wanted to become a lawyer because my dad was a lawyer. My dad always told me I would make a great lawyer because I always had such great excuses and arguments.
4. How many people where you a lawyer for?
I had nearly around 250 clients. But I had one main client who was 80% of my dads business. He is one of the richest men in Brazil.
5. Do you regret studying law, even though you don't practice anymore?
Not at all because law is something you can use in everyday life. It helps you understand more about things that go on around. you.
6. What collage did you go to?
I went to FMU, a collage in Brazil. It is hard to get into but not as hard to get into the one my dad got into.
7. Is it dangerous?
Being a civil lawyer is not very dangerous but being a criminal lawyer is. However often times there will be grudges held against you.
8. Do you miss it?
Definitely, however I would not want to become a lawyer because of my kids. I wouldn't have time to study for the all the tests you have to take to become a licensed lawyer.
9. What is the case you best remember?
The case I best remember is when my client had a huge area that the government wanted to turn into a park. The government wanted to get the area for a small amount of money. The man who owned the land ended up getting millions of dollars because of my dad and I. Schools Bibliography Works Cited
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- I have been told many times that I am good at debating and winning arguments
- I also would love to attend Harvard Law School.
-Ever since I watched Legally Blond I have wanted to be a lawyer.
-Debating has always been something I enjoy doing. The Process Step 1 Obtain an Undergraduate Degree There is no specific undergraduate degree you must earn, however certain subjects will help you become more prepared for law school. It will also help you decide the type of law you want to pursue. Courses that are commonly taken... -English
-Political Science
-Economics Step 2 Take the LSAT (Law School Administration Test) The LSAT is required and must be taken before entering law school. It is offered four times a year and tests you on reading and your verbal reasoning skills. Step 3 Apply to and Complete
Law School Law schools look at a number of things when you apply: grade point average, LSAT scores, application essay, and extracurricular activities.

Law school takes three years to complete and throughout those years students take courses that teach about all areas of law. Step 4 Internship After completing three years of law school, 10-12 months of paid internship is recommended to help you prepare for the BAR exam along with learning how the job works. Step 5 Pass the BAR Exam Every state requires law students to take the BAR exam. It is a two day examination testing you on all the things you need to know to become a lawyer. Top 3 Law School
in 2013 Top Ranked Law School Yale Law School Second Ranked
Law School Harvard Law School Second Ranked
Law School Stanford Law School Government and Public Administration Executing governmental functions at local, state, and federal levels. Criminal Lawyer There are many types of lawyers however I am most interested in becoming a criminal lawyer. Although it's dangerous I know it's they type of lawyer I would most enjoy becoming. Although I was interested in marketing sales and services I have always enjoyed debating and possibly becoming a lawyer. The Job Hours Depending the type of lawyer and if they are in the middle of a case. On average most lawyers work 30-50 hours a week 9-12 months of internship will help you become prepared for the job before you. It will help you interact with clients and gain hands on experience. 1. Active Listener


3.Descion making

4.Problem Solving

5. Writing Talking to others with effective information. Giving your full attention to what others are saying. Reviewing information to develop solutions. Comparing pros and cons of options to decide the most effective solution. Communicating to others through writing. Responsibilities/Duties -Represent clients in court
-Argue motions and question witnesses during trials
-Study many important documents to help determine consequences for cases
-Interpret laws for people and businesses
-Present cases to juries/judges
-Create strategies and arguments to help prepare presentations of cases. Interests Enterprising Enterprising is the most common interest code for a lawyer. These people like to work with others and enjoy persuading and performing. -located in New Haven, Connecticut
-the school's small which makes its admissions process the most selective of any law school in the United States -Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts
-Oldest continually-operating law school in the United States Harvard is the school I would be most interested in, however because of its distance from California I don't know if I would be willing to move to Connecticut. The Career Cluster I Fell Under... Stanford is the school I'd most likely hope to get accepted in to because...
-Convenient location
-One of the highest ranked law schools in America
-Many of my parents friends went there The R.I.A.S.E.C test helps you find your interest code and what career path is right for you. with Priscilla O'Brien Resume OBJECTIVE
Seeking to become a criminal lawyer.

-Student Site Council Rep: 2010-2013
-Presidents Award
-San Ramon Azuri Comp. Soccer Captain
-Sea Crest Speech and Debate

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