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Copy of Copy of Copy of Vodcasts: communicating the future

Magnox North i4 submission

Zoe Young

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Vodcasts: communicating the future

Why Did We Trial Vodcasts?

Times Top 100 results showed a need to:

Improve staff perception of and communication with managers and

Promote leadership visibility

The aim of the project was to:

Work as an integral communication tool – supporting key projects

Target ‘hard to reach’ shift staff vodcasts:
the future

Allows two-way communication via interactive feedback form

Enables staff to take ownership of process and messages

Evolved from initial brief to support MOP, graphite outage and supported by Exec members Zoe Young Vicky Simm Since it’s launch on 1st June 2010, the site has been visited 2035 times

The average length of visit is 3 minutes 33 seconds

Activity on the site increases gradually throughout the day, but peaks between:

5am and 6am (from 9th August – 27th Sept, 135 visits occurred during this hour)
12pm and 1pm (from 9th August – 27th Sept 159 visits occurred during this hour)
3pm and 4pm (from 9th August – 27th Sept - 166 visits during this hour)

Statistics show a rise in number of hits on the day’s that vodcasts have been launched £ ? Initial microsite set up

Filming for general site footage

Interview filming costs

Editing and digitising

£1300 per vodcast

£14 per visit 'Staff attitude'

Focus - key projects that would engage staff, while simultaneously bridge the gap between functions

Informative and current – keeps everyone up to date with what is important ‘now’

Future topics suggested by staff

Shift staff – 5am peak viewings 'Benefit to company image'

Improve communication and Lead Team visibility – popularity of profiles and number of visits

Promote visibility – all interviews Lead Team based

Support key projects – videos linked to site objectives

Use of up to date technology! Social networks and blogs are the 4th most popular online activity

YouTube receives more than 2 billion viewers per day

The average consumer watches 73 minutes of online video a month MOP vodcasts already shared cross-SLC

Technology able to support and promote 'one business' working

Potential to reduce Exec travel to deliver key messages Possibilities for promotion of BIP

Improves staff attitude and company image

Efficient use of manpower

Project already singled out
as an example of best
practice in the PR industry 21 vodcasts
@ £1000 each
+ 34 Team Briefs
= 2500 views! MOP GO project Graphite outage Biodiversity i4 Business Improvement Plan Transition Contamination and safety Refuelling challenge Success "Enjoyed it - makes me feel proud to be at Oldbury" "I think these videos are an excellent idea, gives you a chance to verify certain points" "I think the vodcasts are informative and well put together and can be watched more than once, unlike a presentation" "Wide topic coverage, great for shift teams, keep them coming!"
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