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Dragon age timeline

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Linnéa Bjorklund

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Dragon age timeline

Ancient Age
Prior to the introduction of the Chantry's Ages was a time period which is now referred as the Ancient Age.

The years before the foundation of the Chantry are referred to as "Ancient" and are counted backwards: the year immediately preceding 1:1 Divine (the first year of the first named Age) is -1 Ancient, the year before that is -2 Ancient, and so on. Unlike the Tevinter and Elven calendars, the Chantry calendar doesn't have a year zero.
Glory Age
The Glory Age, named after the popular attitude in the wake of the Archdemon's defeat, sees the tension between the elven Dales and the human nations, first and foremost, Orlais, escalate into open war.
Tower Age
When the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux is completed in 2:99 Glory, its two main towers visible from everywhere in the city and from miles around, and thus the Towers Age is named.
The Chantry calendar measures time in "Ages". The current one is the Dragon Age, while the period before was the Blessed Age. Each Age lasts approximately a century and there have been nine so far.
Divine Age
The Divine Age (1:1–1:99) is the first named Age in the history of Thedas.
-7600 Ancient Founding of Arlathan
-4600 Ancient First contact between Elves and Dwarves
-3100 Ancient Humans explore Thedas
-1195 Ancient Tevinter Imperium founded
-395 Ancient The First Blight begins
-170 Ancient The death of Andraste
1:1 Divine (1st year of the 1st Divine Age): The first Divine of the Chantry, Justinia I, is instated. The free use of magic is declared illegal in Orlais except by those mages operating under the direct auspices of the Chantry.

1:5 Divine: The Second Blight begins in the Anderfels.

1:20 Divine: The Nevarran Accord is signed between the Chantry and the Inquisition. The senior members of the Inquisition form the Seekers of Truth. The Circle of Magi and Templar Order is then born from this agreement.

1:45–95 Divine: Over the next 50 years, the Chantry continues to spread rapidly, aided by the Grey Wardens as the Blight winds down.

1:95 Divine: The last battle of the Second Blight is fought at Starkhaven in the Free Marches.

1:99 Divine: Divine Hortensia I names the Glory Age, predicting a grand rebirth of the world after the devastation of the Blight.
2:10–20 Glory: Divine Renata I calls for a holy war against the elves. This becomes known as the Exalted March of the Dales. The elves are completely crushed by 2:20 Glory. Divine Renata I orders the establishment of the first alienages.

2:30 Glory: The Winter Palace, by far the most prominent structure in Halamshiral, becomes a regular seasonal retreat for the empress and selected Orlesian nobility.

2:46 Glory: Caspar Pentaghast of Hunter Fell seizes control of the city-state Nevarra and becomes its king.

2:99 Glory: The Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux is completed, its two towers visible from miles around. The Towers Age is named.
3:00 Towers: Flemeth is said to be born in the Fereldan village of Highever

3:10 Towers: The Third Blight erupts in the central lands of Thedas.

3:25 Towers: The last battle of the Third Blight.

3:87 Towers: After many years of argument, the Schism splits the Chantry as the Imperial Chantry within Tevinter elects their own Divine, a male mage named Valhail, at the Minrathous Cathedral. The Imperial Chantry had always taken a more moderate view on magic and argued that mages should be allowed to rule so long as blood magic remained prohibited. They also argued that Andraste was not of divine origin but rather was a mortal prophet with considerable magical talent and that her ascension to the Maker's side did not make her divine, even if she was a symbol of hope. Both these arguments did not sit well with the rest of the Chantry. As the Val Royeaux Divine Joyous II took measures to restrict the power of the Circle of Magi within Tevinter, the Imperial Chantry took action. In Minrathous, the Divine is referred to as the "Black Divine" by most, and Chantry propaganda stirs popular sentiment against Tevinter and the Circle of Magi.

3:99 Towers: The death of the Divine Joyous II in Val Royeaux is celebrated in Minrathous and is declared a holiday by the Imperial Divine. The Black Age is named as the Chantry calls for retribution against the false Divine of the north.[12]
Black Age
The Black Age is named as the Chantry calls for retribution against the so-called "Black" Divine of the Imperial Chantry in the Tevinter Imperium.
4:40 Black–5:10 Exalted: The Chantry declares a series of four Exalted Marches to destroy the "heathens" within the Tevinter Imperium. All four times, large armies are gathered from around the Chantry's domains, and an assault is launched deep into Tevinter. Every time, however, the Exalted March falls just short of its goal of conquering Minrathous. In the end, the Exalted Marches serve simply to cement the separation between Minrathous and Val Royeaux. The Imperial Chantry starts to form its own dogma and policies, and the groundswell of mages fleeing from southern lands into Tevinter bolsters the Imperium's waning power.

4:99 Black: Divine Justinia II names the next age Exalted as the war with the Tevinter Imperium persists
Exhalted Age
Divine Justinia II names the new Age after the still-ongoing Exalted Marches against Tevinter, but these come to an abrupt halt as the Fourth Blight breaks out.
5:12 Exalted: The Exalted Marches against Tevinter come to an end with the outbreak of the Fourth Blight.

5:20 Exalted: Kirkwall declares the common nug as a noxious vermin over fears that the animals carried the Blight. The extermination became known the Battle of Squealing Plains.

Steel Age
During a hunt, Queen Madrigal of Antiva is found deep within a forest with four steel swords plunged into her chest (the work suspected to have been done by the mysterious Antivan Crows). Because of this, Divine Theodosia I declares the next Age the Steel Age.
6:15 Steel: Dragons are hunted nearly to extinction thanks to methods pioneered by the Pentaghast family.

6:30 Steel: The Qunari land in Par Vollen which was loosely controlled by Tevinter Imperium and conquer it quickly, unbeknownst to the rest of the continent.

6:32 Steel: Word of Qunari invasion reach the continent. The Qunari Wars begin and last for the remainder of the century, and most of the next one.

6:85 Steel: The humans have organized themselves and pushed back hard enough that massive rebellions in Tevinter manage to free the Imperium, and the Qunari lines begin to crumble.
Storm Age
7:25–85 Storm: The Exalted Marches on the Qunari are declared, by both the Imperial Chantry - to retake Seheron and the eastern city of Qarinus - and the Andrastian Chantry - to retake Rivain.

7:44 Storm: The newly crowned emperor of the Orlesian Empire, Freyan, allows women to become knights, after witnessing the death of Ser Aveline, the Knight of Orlais

7:99 Storm: The end of war with the Qunari and the birth of twin boys to Emperor Etienne I of Orlais usher in the Blessed Age
A whole bunch of fighting with Qunari
Blessed Age
The birth of twin boys to Emperor Etienne I of Orlais is declared an omen by the Chantry. A long period of childlessness and fears of a civil war on the emperor's death dissipates with the onset of the Blessed Age, heralded as an age of bounty and prosperity
8:5 Blessed: Kirkwall rebels against Orlais and gains the status of a free city

8:99 Blessed: Believed hunted to extinction, dragons emerge first in Antiva, then devastate rural Orlais and Nevarra. Another dragon is also sighted in the Orlesian side of the Frostback Mountains, just before the battle of River Dane.

In light of this, Divine Faustine II who was ready to declare the Sun Age, named for the symbol of the Orlesian Empire, instead names the next age as the Dragon Age. It is predicted to be an age of violence and upheaval.
Dragon Age
Current age
9:04 Dragon: The future Empress Celene of Orlais is born.

9:10 Dragon: Underneath Ferelden, the intelligent darkspawn known as the Architect attempts to unearth and kill the remaining Old Gods and taint the entire surface world. His efforts are thwarted by King Maric and a band of Grey Wardens. A young female smith named Branka is made Paragon for her invention of smokeless coal. Alistair, a future hero of the Fifth Blight, is born in Ferelden.

9:11 Dragon: Bethany and Carver Hawke are born to apostate Malcolm Hawke and his wife Leandra in a small village near Amaranthine.

9:20 Dragon: Empress Celene takes the Orlesian throne. Malcolm Hawke and his family settled down in the outskirts of Lothering, to live their lives in peace.

9:27 Dragon: Malcolm Hawke, the apostate mage responsible for resealing Corypheus, and father of the future Champion of Kirkwall, dies in Lothering.

9:28 Dragon: Paragon Branka takes her entire house, save Oghren, into the Deep Roads in the hopes of finding the Anvil of the Void and the secret of creating golems. The lyrium-infused slave Fenris escapes from his master and heads to the south. Leliana seeks refuge in the Lothering chantry.

9:29 Dragon: Alistair is recruited into the order of the Grey Wardens by the Warden-Commander of Ferelden, Duncan.

9:30 Dragon: Dragon Age: Origins begin. Lothering is destroyed and Dragon Age 2 begins.

9:31 The Warden becomes the "Hero of Ferelden".

9:37 Dragon: An apostate mage, Anders, destroys the Kirkwall chantry, igniting the Kirkwall Rebellion and inspiring mages throughout Thedas to rebel against the Circle system. Morrigan resurfaces at the imperial court of Val Royeaux and is appointed an "arcane advisor" to Empress Celene

9:40 Dragon: Cassandra Pentaghast, one of the few Seekers of Truth still loyal to the Chantry, and Leliana, Divine Justinia V's spy master, set out to restore the Inquisition.
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