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the business of america

No description

cole crawford

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of the business of america

The widespread use of the automobile affected the lives of americans. It enabled them to travel more quickly with less effort. It also opened the doors for future motor vehicles.
1.Big business in the 1920s woman where drinking and smoking like man where.

2.The cartoonist suggest Coolidge's relationship with big business because he wanted to create a better economy.Coolidge also wanted to make more money.
Pg 426
The automobile impacted the world greatly. Other than the obvious reasons, it opened 1000s of jobs at gas stations and as road makers.
A. ccc
B. ccc
The use of electricity affected the lifestyle of americans. The electrical appliances made the lives of housewives easier and more laid back. Factories were run off of electricity making factories more efficient.
C. ccc
The Business of America
pg. 423
1. Because there is more popularity in the southern states. The more popularity, the more money.
2. The increase in traffic made the cities more popular. Their economy was probably at a climax.

Cole Crawford (ccc)

Pg 427
3. No, i do not because you do not get paid to worship and you do get paid to work in a factory. People do not like working in factories, they do it for money. Working and worshiping are probably the opposite in meaning.

4.Between 1920 and 1930 the trend of the graph goes up. Some of the reasons for this trend were the popularity of cars went up and more cars were mad because of the increasing popularity.
pg. 427 ccc
Calvin Coolidge-The new president that fit into the pro-business spirit of the 1920s very well.
Urban Sprawl-It allowed workers to live miles from their jobs.
Installment plan-It enabled people to buy goods over an extended period without having to put down much money.
The main advantage of buying on credit card was you can buy goods without cash needed.
The disadvantage of buying on credit card was you had to pay with cash to the bank on the things you bought.
I think the changes in spending will affect the economy by people just using a credit and not cash.People don't know what will happen when there's no more money they cant spend on.
Technology & Business Changes of the 1920s
In the 1920s airplanes were the most popular transport
The first automatic traffic began in Detroit
Homes had electric irons
Electricity transformed the nation
1916:Federal aid road act sets up highway program.
1920:The automobile became the backbone of the american economy.
1921:Highway construction in Western states begins under administration of Bureaw of public roads.
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