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Pamela Michalski <3

No description

pamela michalski

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Pamela Michalski <3

Pamela's Sweet 16 place-The Harriet Himmel date- Saturday- April 23, 2011 Guest List families
gonzales (5)
carrion (7)
french (4)
lantieri (6)
gilbert (6)

Diaz (5)
classen (3)
eggert (4)
Santoli (4)
Davis (4)
Harless (4)
Ryan Hawkins
Sean Standard
Joel Steiger
Shawnee Gamble
Devon Traxel

Chris De Alba
Carlos Medina
Emily Robertson
Andrew Marcado
Joshua Reyes
Adam Johnson
Amanda I. Morales

theme- masquerade mask dresses
Emily Price
David Payne
Chris Anderson
Oscar Singh
Itzel De Alba azor (3)
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