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Visual identity project- Web/Print graphic for fashion

No description

Melanie Dagher

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Visual identity project- Web/Print graphic for fashion

you The concept Graphics for fashion Graphic design is getting more and more important in the fashion industry, through magazines, websites and social medias. As a graphic designer, i always needed a source of inspiation, some references about what's happening in this field around the world. There is graphic design websites, but not specialised for fashion. The concept is to create this platform by offering visuals exemples, downloads of fonts and typography but also vectors and images. Visuals : some examples Packaging The website : It will gather all different types of graphic and visual tools -Magazines layouts Fashion collages and illustrations Books and flyers Logos Fonts and typography that you can
download The audience It is for
-all graphic designers
-people from the magazine/website fashion industry
- visuals and fashion lovers
-amateurs that want to start their own platform and need visual inspiration. The identity As it is a graphic design website, it has to be very graphic, simple yet modern, neutral as it shows other people's work. A printed version Every month, a guest graphic designer have to chance to design a printed kit that you can buy where you have samples, visuals, a CD with fonts and vectors, a printed newsletter with new ideas and graphic fashion magazines.
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