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Traditional Chinese Story

Nica Hon

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Mulan

a traditional Chinese story MULAN A True Story of Mulan About two thousand years ago, in ancient China, there was a girl named Mulan. Story of Mulan Her father was a retired and famous general. He taught her to use a sword and ride a horse, which was unusual, because boys were taught to fight and ride, not girls at that time. Story of Mulan One day, the military posted scrolls in the village they lived. The scroll announced that each family had to send one man to the army. Story of Mulan Mulan's father was too old to fight, but too honorable not to go; And Mulan had no older brother to send in his place. Her baby brother was brave and strong, but too young to be a soldier. Story of Mulan Mulan knew her father would die if he went to war again. But girls could not fight in wars. Mulan thought to herself, if only she were a boy, it can solve everything.
An idea grew in Mulan's mind, she bought a horse Story of Mulan The next morning, Mulan stole her father's armor and crept silently from home. Looked like a man, she reported for duty to the military leader. Story of Mulan Mulan fought for many years, some say as many as ten years. In all that time, no one knew that Mulan was a woman. Story of Mulan When the war ended, Mulan was called before the king to receive an award for her courage. The king offered Mulan a job that would make her rich. Story of Mulan But Mulan wished to return to her family. She asked for a good horse instead, a request that was granted immediately. Story of Mulan Her family was happy to see her. She dressed herself in woman's clothes. She wrapped her hair in the style of the day. When she joined her family to watch the sunset, Mulan had transformed into a beautiful young woman. Story of Mulan Not long after, friends who had served with Mulan came to visit her. Their eyes grew large when they saw the beautiful woman before them. Story of Mulan Her story spread across China, to inspire girls everywhere. If you have enough love and courage, you can accomplish anything, no matter how impossible it might be. Story of Mulan
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