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Content is Apps

Building Content, not Platform-Based Business Models

antonio pavolini

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Content is Apps

Content Industrialization (gimme what U expect to be worth your biz ) Content Diversity (gimme something to nourish my life) Social Aggregation (gimme something to talk about) Content is Apps Building Content, not Platform-Based Business Models FACT:
in 2016 551ml connected TVs sold source: Digital TV Research, 2012 Web-Based Ecosystems leverage on device leverage on distro chain leverage on tipping point,
commoditization Platform-Based leverage on openness,
developers, content owners Content-Based leverage on
agreements Standard-Based a.d. 1990 a.d. 2013:
NOW a.d. 2020 Industry Need User Need Background Material (gimme what might work for all on the Web )
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