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Vis Comms - Polysemy and Anchorage

No description

Mark Dickson

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of Vis Comms - Polysemy and Anchorage

What is it?
Polysemy and Anchorage
Visual Communication
Polysemy and Anchorage
What are the 3 minimum requirements
for communication to take place?
Before we start, take a look at these images:
Session Aims:
To expand your understanding of
and introduce the concepts of

help you create
purposeful ideas
and communicate these to a
specified audience
In pairs, come up with as many possible connotations as you can (at least 3 for each)
From the Greek: Poly
- meaning 'Many'
and Sema
- meaning 'Sign'
All signs are polysemic
What problems can you see polysemic images causing advertisers and graphic designers?

These are advertisements.
What product or service could they be selling?
A way of ‘tying down’ meaning.
and find at least
5 examples
of Anchorage text in use. Print and stick these in your sketchbook. Annotate the different possible readings of the image and
the text is anchoring the meaning in each case.
Also, for more specific research, try and include some festival posters and look at how the images and text work together
Some inspiration
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