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evolution of mobile phones


Tim Ma

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of evolution of mobile phones

The evolution
of mobile phones Contents visionaries

evolution of the mobile phone

future The visionaries Karl Arnold

visionary picture of mobile telephony in 1926 Erich Kästner

described mobile phone in children's book in 1932 the evolution Charles E. Alden

invented "vest pocket telephone" in 1906
never had the chance to produce 1946-1956:

first "mobile" phone, fixed in a car

over 80 pounds (36 kg)

prices were about 50% of the car price 1964-1982:

handie talky

key in pushing the communication industry forward towards true mobility 1983-1986:

first actual hand-held phone

magnetic stripes as recognition
(later: SIM card) 1989:

first mobile to speak and listen at the same time 1991-1993

SIM card

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)

first SMS (short text message)

first mobile phone with a lithium-ion battery 1994

first mobile providing a game to play: Tetris

Nokia introduced Snake 1996-1999

the first mobile office

first mobile phone with a full colour screen

the first with internet Future What will happen?

potential for development is huge

500 times faster than now

more sensors How will they look like?

flexible screen

completely moldable How will they look like?

transparent display How will they look like?

"Packet" phone How will they look like?


blend in Possible Features

holographic 3D technology Possible Features

project keyboard onto surface Possible Features

recognize hand gestures
smarter screen capabilities
projector Nokia Morph

flexible body
transparent screen
clean itself
scan your food
Advanced Power Sources
fashionable Nokia Morph 2000-2001

the first "Smartphone"

the first mobile with blue-tooth

the first mobile with A-GPS The End?! 2001

the first mobile with MP3 player

the first mobile with push mail

the first camera phone

First 3G mobile phone sim card
mobile office
coulour screen
MP3 player
3G internet Features
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