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Copy of Airplane pros and cons


Cows I Cows in pie

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Airplane pros and cons

Airplanes Pros and Cons! By: Eric and nick Pros. :) the end Cons. :( -Airsick-BLARGGGGGGG!!!! ness...
-Too much gas is used!
-Spreads diseases
-Can only land at airports. No. Pilot! I want to land on top of that tree! I can't?! DARN! I was going to meet my monkey family there...
-Airplane trips are expensive. WHAT?!
-It is inefficient.
-Boring Trips. :(
-uses lots of gas -Fast and mostly safe way of transportation.
-Same price as driving long distances. (Sometimes more)
-FREE LUNCH!!!!! (Sometimes)
-Go around the world!
-Makes jobs! Like Pilots! and
other jobs.
Cons Time! BLARG! More Pros :) & Cons :( -Con: Paying for extra luggage space :(
-Pro: more comfortable then driving a car
-Con: Jet Lag
-Pro: Use extra time for other stuff
-Con: Inconvenient.
-Con: not comfortable at the same time (No moving)
-con takes lots of time at the airport
-con airplanes cost a lot to make so are planes good? we think planes are still
needed in life or we would
take a lot more time to go to places
that take a hour or two on a plane.
We also don't always need to use planes because they drink oil by the gallon and they are the most expensive unless you are going to another continent when boats cars and TTC are too slow or just plain useless we ran out of space so now we are going to
use this space Cool air plane facts
the Boeing 747 has gone
so far that it would have gone
to the moon and back 75 000
the Boeing 747 400 s wind shields
cost as much as BMWs The Boeing747 burns 12 Gallons
of fuel per kilometer. It also
uses 1 gallon every second in a 10 hour flight it could burn as much as 36000 gallons. Planes VS boat
Plane: faster, cost more, energy hog
Boat:slow, Cheaper than plane, little energy wasted. Boat wins
Plane Vs TTC (subway)
Plane: more destinations, Faster A lot more expensive
TTC: fast, Really cheap Only some places. TTC wins
Plane VS car
Plane: more comfortable, washrooms, faster
Car: cheaper, more convenient (can stop whenever) slow on most roads. the wind shield on a Boeing 747 cost as much as BMW's the wing span of a Boeing 747 is more than the distance traveled in the Wright brothers first flight.
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