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Bussiness Ethical Company

Nicole Prefontaine

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of IKEA

Furniture Department Food Department IKEA Business: Ethical Company Designs Founded by Ingvar Kamprad at 17 years old. -USA
-Brazil Advertising Efficient in storage space. Behind the Brand Charities

-Energy efficient

-Low cost

-Environmentally aware -Has high ethical standards

-Four consecutive years

-Found in Sweden

-Best known for furniture (and meatballs) 301 Stores http://www.youtube.com/user/ikea?feature=results_main IKEA is the largest corporate
doner to UNICEF. -INGKA Foundation. -Provided schools with furniture in Liberia. -In 2006 after earthquake provided Pakistan with 500,000 blankets. -Supports American forests to reduce pollution. -Is UNICEF's largest corporate partner. 1920- Started to sell matches at the age of five.
1940- The IKEA store was created.
1960- Develops new products.
1980- Known worldwide.
1990-Children's IKEA is introduced.
2000- Everything from Bedroom to Kitchen is created. Going green. Is global Advertises nice and tidy -Self-assembled -Packaging. -Amount of wood. Recycled/renewable/reused materials

Recycled catalogs.

Renewable energy.


Never any Child labor.

They do more with less.

Fabrics. By; Nicole Prefontaine and Jessica Cho THE END
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