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Consulting Team Praesto

No description

Minbok Wi

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Consulting Team Praesto

Marketing Communication
Retention & Steal Share

-High barriers to entry
(Unable to create such enormous amount & range of contents in a short-term, huge cost involved)


Distinctive Value & Rarity
-A variety of Contents amongst the realms of


Events(O’live festival)
“CJ Creates Culture”

Value proposition

Creativity and Originality

Kyehong Kim
Head of CJ E&M broadcasting department

“...we have a keen eye for what Korean viewers want. We are trying our best to create original content. In Korea, this gives us an edge over global media groups. "

Core competence?

1) The Problem?
2) Marketing Analysis
3) Solution
Acquisition & Stimulate Demand

① Strengthen the Process
② Change Fundamental Marketing Strategy
Until now : Retention & Steal Share strategy
positioning themselves as a "Creator of Culture"
being ranked #1 in the Cable broadcasting industry
Since Promotion seems to be going on very well, there seems to be no need to improve these aspect. However, there is room for improvement in Positioning and POD.
Not Creative.
replicating, not creating
Prevent Illegal Download/
Make Viewers Watch From Us
Heart Loyalty
Brands last after program ends
Sustainable Attention & Consumption
& Further Growth
Related Products
After Service
after program concerts & non-released scenes/behind scenes
Building ‘Heart Loyalty’

Illegal copy
- shadow market always exists
(almost impossible to completely eliminate them)

Rather, open up free-watches on the website,
yet with commercials
(with commercial fees, making-up or even earning higher revenue)

Any Issues faced /
Further improvements to be made?

Free CJ E&M
Watch Website
1) The Problem?
2) Marketing Analysis
3) Solution
Viewers miss a TV show
illegal websites to download & watch it
no need to watch the TV show on TV, on time
low view ratings
How to get those viewers back?
How to make viewers 본방사수?
2. How to Prevent Illegal Downloads?
More Creativity!
The promotion of credence attributes
is going in a positive direction.
Strengthen the credence attributes
even more.
Prevent Illegal Download/
Make Viewers Watch From Us

1. New source of Revenue
(Main source of revenue is
commercial fees, not the viewing fee)

2. Better image of CJ E&M

3. Increase heart loyalty
towards CJ E&M and programs
3. Conclusion
1) Strengthen the process
We have shown an analysis of how marketing factors are related to view rate. Improve the relevant factors.
2) Change Fundamental Marketing Strategy
CJ E&M is a market leader.
Retention+Still Share
-> Acquisition+Stimulate Demand

Creative Contents
1. How to increase the view rate?

Ratings still not following
those of the terrestrial broadcasting

not even a dominant leader amongst
other Cable media and Jong-pyeon Channels

2. How to increase the view rate?
1. Introduction to CJ E&M
3. How to prevent illegal downloads?
4. Conclusion
2-1. The problem?
2-2. Marketing Analysis
2-3. Solution

3-1.The problem?
3-2. Marketing Analysis
3-3. Solution

Demographic Segmentation/Targeting

“CJ Creates Culture”
Public Relations(Articles about programs)
3) Strengthen Credence Attribute

Gain heart loyalty
Branding, After service, Promotion

4) Free Watch Website

New source of revenue
Better image
Increase general loyalty
Viewers' demand to relate more
with the actors
The Genius
The Genius Behind
Continuously love the program

Associate with the program further
Directly related to satisfaction of customers

Build intimate relationship with viewers
Behavioral Objective
should take
marketing strategy of a market leader
Acquisition & Stimulate Demand
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