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Theogony Timeline

Timeline of Hesiod's Theogony

Gage Krause

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Theogony Timeline

In the beginning... In the beginning... There was Chaos... And from chaos came Gaia, a place
where mere mortals now dwell. Eros, Erebus, and Nyx also were born from Chaos. Then, from the spawn of Erebus
and Nyx, Aether and Hemera were
Gaia then parthenogenetically created Uranus,
Ourea, and Pontus.
Uranus and Gaia mated
to create the Titans. Uranus became disgusted with the Hecatohachires,
a multi-armed creature Gaia and Uranus bore, so he hid them.
Gaia was furious and asked her Titans
to punish Uranus for his actions. Coronus
stepped up to the demand. Coronus proceeded to castrate his father's
genitals with a sickle. Aphrodite was born from Uranus' blood pouring into the ocean. Meanwhile, Nyx created children who
retained characteristics of obstacles and
common experiences of life. Afterward, Eris, a daughter of Nyx, created her own children, children of discord. Gaia remmarried to Pontus. The two mate to
create sea nymphs as well as monstorous sea creatures. Phorcys and Ceto then procreate to form
the famous Gorgons as well as Graiae, Echidna,
and Ophion. Next, Poseiden and Medusa, a Gorgon, mate to
create the Pegasus and Chrysaor Other groups of Gods procreate, forming a larger genealogy and widening the variety of God types.
Shortly after, Tethys and Oceanus mate to generate
the rivers of the earth. Meanwhile, Theia and Hyperion create the gods
of the Sun (Helios), Moon (Selene), and Dawn (Eos). Iapetos and Klymene bear the
children of Atlas, Epimethius,
Prometheus, and Menoetius. Cronus took over the Cosmos.
Gaia and Uranus prophesies that Cronus' children will overthrow him as the ruler of the Cosmos. When Rhea bears her children, Cronus swallows them. Out of desperation, Rhea calls upon Gaia in hopes of saving Zeus, the last child left to be born after Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseiden had already been swallowed. When Zeus is born, Rhea gives Cronus a large rock, making Cronus think he swallowed the child. Gaia then deceives Cronus into purging his other children. Zeus, his brothers, and sisters (The Olympians) wage a ten year war with the Titans. During the war, Zeus releases the Hundred-Handed ones to shake the Earth, distracting the Titans enough for Zeus to strike the Titans down with his bolts of lightening. With the upper hand, the Olympians, Cyclopes, Prometheus, and Epimethius defeat the Titans when Zeus' lightening bolts throw the Titans into Tartarus. Prometheus, despite being an ally, sought to deceive Zeus. He attempted so by creating offering piles. One where an abundance of cows lie dead. Prometheus created another pile where he had hidden the bones, fats, and precious meat of one cow inside its stomach in order to trick Zeus into picking the larger pile. Zeus easily saw through Prometheus' trickery and denied fire to mankind. In response, Prometheus later sneaked into the Olympian Chambers and stole fire with a single reed. He then brought it back to earth to share with mankind. As punishment, Zeus sentenced Prometheus
to having his liver constantly eaten by an eagle every day while being chained to a cliff. Later, Zeus' son freed Prometheus. The humans, too, received consequences. Zeus
sent Pandora to be the bane of mankind. Man
learned of the suffering that women bring. Zeus then mated with his sisters and many other Goddesses, making the God's family tree frequently root back to him. Due to Zeus' and the Olympians' affairs and relationships, the deity genealogy degraded into demigods and mere mortals. Thus, explaining the origin of the universe,
occurrences of nature, formation of man, and the creation of the Gods.
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