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Biology College copy

No description

byron smith

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Biology College copy

What Scholarships do we have
Contact Info, Cost for tickets to get home.
Residency Requirements
"The Falcon Foundation makes annual cash grants for scholarships to several schools in various parts of the nation. Each scholarship award provides a portion of the cost of room, board and tuition. Scholarship recipients must pay for transportation to and from school and for clothing, laundry, other personal expenses and their proportionate share of the tuition, fees and books."

Young people are automatically eligible for a Falcon Scholarship by first applying to USAFA. The USAFA Office of Admissions then identifies potential recipients of the Falcon Foundation scholarship from a pool of direct entry applicants who are qualified, but not competitive for entering the next class at USAFA. Those applicants who are deemed qualified but not competitive are rank ordered and contacted for consideration of a Falcon Foundation Scholarship.
The price to get from Chicago IL. to the air force academy is about $464 for a round trip ticket.

Byron Smith
Biology Project


Air Force Academy
FAFSA is the application used by nearly all colleges and universities to determine eligibility for federal, state, and college-sponsored financial aid, including grants, educational loans, and work-study programs.
When Founded
April 1, 1954
18,500 acres
The air force academy doesn't have a residency requirement.
"(Fly), our commitment to defend the nation (Fight), and our ultimate goal and our successful history WIN)."
"Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win"
Undergraduate Enrollment
Admission Requirements
Programs Available
Student Services
Athletic Programs
Graduation Rates for Students Pursuing Bachelor’s DEGREES
SAT Critical Reading
590 (25th Percentile)
680 (75th Percentile)

SAT Math
630 (25th Percentile)
710 (75th Percentile)

ACT Composite
28 (25th Percentile)
32 (75th Percentile)

ACT English
28 (25th Percentile)
33 (75th Percentile)

ACT Math
33 (75th Percentile)
Undergraduate Age
Undergraduate Race
Undergraduate Student Gender
Admissions Counselors
Sharon Jones (A-K)
Angie Vigil (L-Z)

Admissions Advisor
2Lt Stormy Sagmoen

Deputy Regional Director

Regional Director
Mr. AJ Scott

Cross Country
Ice Hockey

Swimming & Diving
Track & Field
Water Polo
Cross Country
Swimming & Diving
Track & Field
Age Requirements
The age requirement is public law and cannot be waived. You must be at least 17 but not past your 23rd birthday by July 1 of the year you enter the Academy.

Citizenship Requirements
You must be a citizen of the United States. Your citizenship must be finalized prior to entering the Academy. You must submit proof of citizenship if you were foreign born or naturalized.

Authorized international students are exempt from this requirement. If you are a citizen of a country other than the United States, please see Advice to Applicants: International Students.


You must use your name as it appears on your birth certificate on all official records unless the Admissions Office has received legal evidence authorizing a name change.

Regarding nominations, if you are adopted and claim eligibility in a nominating category through an adoptive parent, you must submit a copy of the court order of adoption. Also, adoption proceedings must have begun before your 15th birthday.


You must have a social security number to open an admissions file. If you don’t have one, ask for an SSA-5 Form from your local Social Security Administration Office.

You must furnish evidence of your date of birth, identity and U.S. citizenship to get a social security number.

For tax purposes, international students will obtain a valid social security number when they arrive.

Dependent Requirements
You must have no dependents. Furthermore, if admitted to the Academy, you may not acquire any dependents while a cadet.

This means your marital status must be single, and you must have no children. Dependents include a spouse by marriage, having a birth child, step child, or adopted child whether or not you provide support to said dependent.

If a marriage or paternity/maternity were to occur while a cadet but not be known to Air Force authorities until after graduation, you may be subject to disciplinary or administrative action as an officer.
Academic Support and Recognition Programs
Exchange Programs
Research Programs
Graduate Opportunities
Professional Club Programs
With an academic load with includes 18-22 hours, plus Physical Education, earning a 4.0 GPA at USAFA is a significant accomplishment, even for an intensely motivated cadet. Every semester, the Dean of the Faculty honors those cadets who earn a straight As in all their classes with the title of Deans ACE. These individuals have their names engraved on a plaque which hangs prominently in Fairchild Hall.
The Student Academic Services Center offers programs and services designed to enhance the academic success of every cadet. Cadets can get help with time management, reading strategies, general study skills, writing an academic paper, or seek information on how best to prepare for graduate school. Formal courses, group seminars and individualized help are offered to assist cadets to reach their academic and life goals. More complete descriptions of our four programs appear below.
Student Academic Services
Specialty Services

Reading Enhancement Course
Strategies for Academic Success Program
The Writing Center
The Graduate Studies Office
Quantitative Reasoning/Evening Tutoring
Campus Life
Sororities And fraternities
There are no Greek organizations at the Air Force Academy
Interesting Facts
Varsity teams face some of the top teams in the nation. Men compete in football, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, fencing, swimming and diving and water polo, along with indoor and outdoor track and field, cross country, wrestling, golf, tennis and rifle.
All graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree, accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
U.S. Air Force Academy cadets earn $846 a month in basic pay. Cadet pay is disbursed by direct deposit to the cadet's personal checking account.
Famous alumni
Notable Gulf War combatants
Charles C. Baldwin\1969/Major General; Chief of Chaplains

John F. Nichols\1979/Brigadier General; Commander of the Texas Air National Guard
James M. Kelly
Susan Helms
Susan J. Helms
James M. Kelly
B. Alvin Drew
My Major
Electrical Engineer
Senior Engineering Manager - PA/RF Design
COMPANY Rockwell Collins
LOCATION Cedar Rapids, IA
Electrical Engineering
POSTED 05-29-2015
Rooms in the two dormitories, Vandenberg Hall and Sijan Hall, are similar. Each ROOM, which is approximately 13 feet wide and 18 feet long, is designed for two cadets. The room contains two large closets, a counter with a built-in sink, a large mirror and a medicine cabinet. Every cadet room also has a twin-size modular bed, dresser and desk for each cadet. There is a proper location for everything you are allowed to have in YOUR room, and you will be expected to keep your room in cadet inspection order.

The Academy provides opportunities for you to enjoy a change of pace through participation in cadet ACTIVITIES and social functions. This comes as a welcome break from the military activities, ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS and athletic participation of the busy school week. You will find the Arnold Hall social center a relaxing place to enjoy dancing, games, movies, entertainers and television and the snack bar in the Richter Lounge is popular with cadets, too. The cadet wing social committees also arrange dances, both formal and informal, throughout the year.
Work Cited
Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Median pay (annual): 89,630 USD (2012)
Median pay (hourly): 43.09 USD (2012)
Entry level education: Bachelor's degree
Projected 10-year growth: 4% (2012)
Number of jobs: 306,100 (2012)
Senior Electrical Engineer
Hourly pay: $42.01 - $69.53
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