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Canada in the Post-War Years (1945 to the Present) - Mind Map

Made by: Aisha Awad, Tanveer Mann, Osob Mahdi, and Jagdip Dadwal

Aisha Awad

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Canada in the Post-War Years (1945 to the Present) - Mind Map

(1945 to the Present) Canada in the Post-War Years SOCIAL POLITICAL REGIONAL INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC Aboriginal Rights and Issues Women's Rights Immigration Development of the Social Safety Net Canadian Autonomy The Economic Cycle Regionalism English-French Relations Canada's Role in Conflicts Canada's Humanitarian Efforts GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES PEOPLE'S RESPONSES GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN Women's Liberation Movement National Action Committee (1971) Royal Commission on the Status of Women (1967) Charter of Rights and Freedom WOMEN WERE The Indian Act White Paper (1969) Citizens Plus Assembly of First Nations (1982) Bill C-31 Royal Commission on Aboriginal People Displaced Persons Official Policy of Multiculturism (1971) The Citizenship Act (1976) Immigration Act (1978) Canadian Multiculturism Act Hospital Insurance Old-Age Pensions Family Allowances Canada Pension Plan Canada Assistance Plan The Medical Care Act Louis St. Laurent Lester "Mike" Pearson NATO NORAD St. Lawrence Seaway (1950's) The Cuban Missle Crisis PM Diefenbaker hesitated to back the U.S in the crisis Automotive Products Agreement North American Market Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries Free Trade Agreement (1987) North American Free Trade Agreement GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSES PEOPLE'S RESPONSES PEOPLE'S RESPONSES PEOPLE'S RESPONSES PEOPLE'S RESPONSES PEOPLE'S RESPONSES PEOPLE'S RESPONSES Regional Disparity Western Alienation Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturism Bill 101 Charter of the French Language Parti Quebecois Official Languages Act Pierre Trudeau Bill 22 October Crisis War Measures Act Robert Bourassa National Energy Program United Nations World Health Organization United Nations Children's Fund International Monetary Fund The Korean Conflict The Suez Crisis United Nations Emergency Force Columbo Plan The Vietnam War The Cuban Missle Crisis Canadian International Development Agency Genocide in Rwanda Civil War in Somalia Civil War in Yugoslavia War in Afghanistan International Security Assisstance Force FORMED URGED Women to aim for equal rights PM Lester Pearson IN RESPONSE WAS FORMED BY TO Examine Rights of women Treatment Problems they faced FORMED IN RESPONSE TO The Royal Commission on the Status of Women (1967) CAUSED Stereotypes of women and their work TO Stop completely Expected to be "stay-at-home mothers" AND Not have jobs or work SO WOMEN CAUSED Women to be promoted to positions of responsibilty in government LIKE Doctors Politicians Engineers Equality of Women AND Came into force in 1988 IN THE Faced racism and other barriers Forced into residential schools Poverty Poor health Inadequate housing and education ABORIGINALS INCLUDING AND WERE FORMED THE Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau ISSUED BY TO Address issues facing Aboriginal people A # OF CHANGES WERE MADE TO IN 1951 Women gained the right to vote Wearing traditional regalia was no longer illegal AND AND It proposed the Indian Act to be repeled Aboriginals be given control and ownship of their lands AS WELL AS LAUNCHED THE Issues that affected Aboriginal people TO STUDY Won the right to vote in the 1960's DID LITTLE To improve their living conditions Federal government FORMED THE In their dealings with the federal governmnet TO REPRESENT THEM IN RESPONSE TO THE WHITE PAPER IN 1985 WAS FORMED BECAUSE Aboriginals saw it as an attack to their unique identity LIKE The power to decide who got to live on Aboriginal reserves GAVE ABORIGINAL BAND COUNCILS WERE THE Thousands of Europeans arriving in Canada after the war WHO WERE Forced from their homelands due to the war and the Soviet expansion after the war PM Trudeau Bill C-93 INTRODUCED INTRODUCED TO Support and encourage various cultures and ethnic groups Express their cultures TO TO Eliminate gender discrimination Grant citizenship to children of overseas marriages Mother was Canadian IF THE AND ASLO ALSO KNOWN AS INTRODUCED TO Reduce barriers to immigrants Give the provinces a new role in immigration policy Immigrants were welcome regardless of their color, religion, or country of origin AND AND 3 categories of immigrants Family class Refugees Independents Relatives who were sponsered Existing Canadian citizens BY People who were seeking improved living conditions Immigration was seen with a somewhat more open attitude DURING THE 1960'S WAS ENACTED By the Parliament A legal framework for existing multicultar policies across Canada PROVIDED A INTRODUCED INTRODUCED INTRODUCED INTRODUCED INTRODUCED INTRODUCED The path to universal health care WHICH PAVED The province's pay for existing social assistance programs TO AID TO Those who needed it Free physician services to Canadians GIVING Pension schemes that were already in place WHICH IMPROVES BUILDING OF THE Between Canada and the U.S Link both countries via the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean WHICH WOULD DURING Increasing tension between Canada & the U.S IT CAUSED BECAUSE WAS SIGNED Between Canada and the U.S TO CREATE A WHICH STRENGTHENED The link between Canada and U.S relations CREATED Between Canada and the US in 1957 CREATED TO Detect Soviet planes or missiles AND TO Give early warning of an attack Between Canada, U.S, Britain and other Western European Nations in 1949 TO FORM This military alliance Trudeau decided to retire in 1984 Brian Mulroney's Progressive Conservatives National Energy Program failed THE CAUSED An economic crisis BECAUSE It imposed an oil embargo in 1973 MADE UP OF Saudi Arabia Kuwait Other Arab oil-producing countries AND ON Many Western countries including Canada BECAUSE THEY Sided with Isreal in the war that broke out in the Middle East BETWEEN Israel and its Arab neighbors WHICH CAUSED A round of inflation across the world, including Canada AFTER AND THE CAME Into power AND TO Address Canada's economic problems HE INTRODUCED United States WITH THE The agreement removed tarrifs on goods crossing the border AND AND Opened Canada to U.S investment and vice versa WHICH WAS An expansion of the free trade zone in 1992 Free trade with Mexico WHICH INCLUDED REGIONAL DISPARITY AND WESTERN ALIENTATION ARE 2 OTHER ECONOMIC PROBLEMS THAT PLAGUED CANADA AS WELL THE FREE TRADE AGREEMENT BETWEEN CANADA AND THE U.S DISPLAYED THE RELATION BETWEEN BOTH COUNTRIES WAS The first of the economic problems The economic gap between the poorer and more prosperous regions of Canada AND WAS The second of the economic problems Many Westerners believed that Ottawa's policies favoured Central Canada at the expense of the West BECAUSE IS WHEN The federal governent froze the price of domestic oil and gas Imposed a tax on petroleum exported from Western Canada AND WHICH Angered the Westerners TO DEAL WITH THESE PROBLEMS WAS BROUGHT By the Liberals With a renewed oil crisis and rising gas prices TO DEAL AND IT AIMED TO Reduce the consumption of oil Protect Canadians from rising oil prices Make Canada self-sufficient in oil PM Lester Pearson APPOINTED IN 1963 So that French Canadians felt more at home in Canada by becoming bilingual FORMED BY Quebec Cabinet Minister Rene Levesque They had won the provincial election in 1976 AND AFTER THEY PASSED ALSO KNOWN AS AND IT SPECIFIED THAT French was the official language of the province Commercial outdoor signs would be in French only Children of immigrants would be required to attend French school Known as the Red Paper WHICH BECAME THE SUCCEEDED Pearson in 1968 PASSED THE IN 1969 MAKING Canada officially bilingual IMPOSED THE WHICH Suspended Canadian civil rights AND Membership in the FLQ became a crime IS WHEN Members of the terrorist group FLQ KIDNAPPED British diplomat James Cross IN EXCHANGE For the release of FLQ members in prison SO PIERRE TRUDEUA IMPOSED THE WAR MESURES ACT TO DEAL WITH THE FLQ North Atlantic Treaty Organization North American Aerospace Defence Command WAS ESTABLISHED By delegates from 51 countries signing a charter THE AND Canada played an important part in drafting its Charter Agencies formed by the UN THAT Pledged to abolish disease and famine and to protect human rights WAS Formed by the UN TO Sent to the Suez area to bring hostilities to a peaceful end Commonwealth countries including Canada FORMED BY Money and aid to less developed countries in the organization TO PROVIDE WAS Formed in 1968 THE Boost foreign aid to less industrilized countries TO Formed by the UN WAS TO Stabalize the world economy byhelping countries that face great debt The collapse of their currencies AND PEOPLE'S RESPONSES IN U.S supported S. Korea in this war between S. and N. Korea and Canada along with the UN sent soldiers and members to fight. THE Canada once again had a chance to take a leading role in the UN AS The Suez Canal was taken over by Egypt's President in 1956 By 1992, many Somali's were starving due to civil war SO Canadian forces banded together with those from other countries in distributing food Other essential supplies to the desperate local population AND IN 1959 Cuban rebels led by Fidel Castro overthrew Cuba's pro-U.S dictator Fulgencio Batista which angered the U.S SO THEY Imposed trade and economic sanctions in Cuba AND THEY Expected Canada, its partner in NORAD to support their policies but they did not This damaged Canada/U.S relations AND DURING This war, the U.S sided with S. Vietnam which was more a dictatorship than a democracy BUT Canada stayed neutral throughout the war by not joining, and they turned against American policy Severed the relations betwwen the U.S and Canada WHICH BOTH THE VIETNAM WAR AND THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS ARE PART OF CANADA/US RELATIONS IN POLITICAL The UN sent a small detachment of peacekeeps under the command of Canadian Lieutenant General Romeo Dalliare TO TRY To control the slaughter during 1994 UN peacekeeping missions, which included Canadian forces, were sent into the area BUT They were unable to control the situation Canada's involvement in Afghanistan began in 2001 It sent a naval task force to the Persian Gulf WHEN BUT As the operation wore on, more Canadians began to oppose Canadian military involvement in Afghanistan CREATED To conduct operations in Afghanistan in 2001
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