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Henry Mintzberg

No description

Vanessa Quigley

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Henry Mintzberg

Structure in 5's About
Henry Mintzberg... Henry
Mintzberg by: Vanessa Quigley Professor of Management Studies at McGill University "I spend my public life dealing with organizations and my private life escaping from them" Developed new approaches to management education and development Published over 150 articles and 15 books Each of the five configurations relies on one of the five coordinating mechanisms and tends to favor one of the five parts. The elements of organizational structuring, which show a curious tendency to appear in five's, suggest a typology of five basic configurations: Simple Structure, Machine Bureaucracy, Professional Bureaucracy, Divisionalized Form, and Adhocracy. Contingency Factors 1. Age
2. Size
3.Technical System
4. Environment
5. Power 1. Community participation not seen as integral in the organizational structure

2. Further conceptualization of participatory bodies attached to health facilities Weakness in the
Structure of 5's REFERENCES Unger, J., Macq, J. Bredo, F. & Boelaert, M. (2000). Through Mintzberg's glasses: A fresh look at the organization of the ministries of health. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Geneva: World Health Organization. Mintzberg, H. (1980). Structure in 5's: A synthesis of the research on organization design. Management Science. 8 (23), 322-341. Henry Mintzberg (2010). Retrieved from http://www.mintzberg.org. Co-founder of http://www.coachingourselves.com Coaching Ourselves (2012). Retrieved from http://www.coachingourselves.com Key Concepts The Simple Structure.: young company before its entrepreneurial founder has let go of some of the control. Often autocratic. The Machine Bureaucracy: a company with many layers of management and a mass of formal procedures. The Professional Bureaucracy: an organization that is cemented together by some sort of professional expertise, such as a hospital or a consultancy. This is usually the most democratic type of organization. The Divisionalised Form: a structure where there is little central authority, but whatever there is is clearly defined. It is the form most frequently found among modern multinationals. The Adhocracy: comprised of flexible teams working on multiple projects Strong advocate for educating practicing managers with real life experience who can gain insight from their own experiences Henry Mintzberg (2012). Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Mintzberg Major contribution to organizational theory....
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