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japanese fox

No description

Katie Patterson

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of japanese fox

Japanese Fox What do they eat & how do they keep warm in the winter? What are some stories about them? What are they called in Japan and why are they important? In the Japanese stories, the foxes are faithful guardians, friends, lovers, wives, Oinari's (fox spirit) messengers, or tricksters. Japanese see the foxes as intlligent beings and as possessing magical abilities of stealth. The powers increase with their age and wisdom. The more tails it has, the older and wiser it is. In Japan they are called Kitsunes. In spiritual form they are called Huli-jing. Believed to bring important teachings. The japanese people believe that the japanese foxes incourage people to do good things and achieve great things. In the winter foxes eat birds rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks,grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars, and crayfish. They keep warm in the winter by digging holes in the ground and by wrapping their tail around their body.
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