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To Build a Fire

No description

Hannah Ynacay

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of To Build a Fire

Jack London's
"To Build a Fire"

Realism vs Naturalism
- portrays life as it really is, realistic
- goes beyond realism by portraying life as harsh and unforgiving
Write a description of the man in the story, a minimum of 8 sentences.
How would you describe the man in London's story?
How experienced is the man? Is he a novice (inexperienced)? Unprepared?
What does the man seem to think of his own abilities?
How does the man behave in this environment?
Answer these questions on your page that you labeled as
Guiding Questions
Let's refine the focus, what adjectives do you notice?
Adjectives of the opening scene

Realism vs Naturalism
On a separate sheet of paper (not your notes), answer these questions, label it as
Guiding Questions
1. Lines 1–7: What specific details establish the story’s setting?
2. Lines 30–36: What do you learn about the main character from the direct statements in these lines? How might this characterization foreshadow, or hint at, what is to come?
3. Lines 36–40: What details from these lines convey the naturalistic view of life as a harsh struggle for survival?
4. Line 50: Explain the irony in the sentence, “But the temperature did not matter.”
5. Lines 72–86: How does the dog’s point of view about the setting differ from the man’s? Why? Support your conclusions with text evidence.
When considering the setting.....
1. How would you describe the setting in the opening paragraph?
2. What is the mood of this opening paragraph?
3. How does this opening make you feel as a reader?
4. What is the man's reaction to the landscape?
Page 331 of
Write this down in your notes
Page 331 of Collections textbook
A convincing description helps readers enter the story's environment. Many works of realistic fiction contain:
Detailed descriptions
Real-world elements
Close-up/specific details, everyday speech
Complex characters (not one-dimensional)
Portrays life as harsh and unforgiving. Contains:
Elements of nature
Mercy of natural elements
Scientific lens/perspective
Specialized knowledge about scientific subjects
Naturalistic story
Irony - The difference between appearance and reality....everything appears one way but is really another:

“What a pleasant day" (when it is raining heavily)
The text can be found starting on page 331 of Collections textbook
Answer each question, citing text evidence
Write this in your notes, on a loose leaf paper
Start the Venn Diagram
The man compared/contrasted with the dog
Do questions....
#6 - 7
#8 - 9
#10 - 11
#12 - 13
#14 - 16
#17 - 18
#19 - 20
#21 - 22
#23 - 24
#25 - 26
If you read (lines)....
(lines 72 - 110)
(lines 90 - 148)
(lines 111 - 199)
(lines 200 - 258)
(lines 236 - 307)
(lines 308 - 383)
(lines 366 - 411)
(lines 412 - 477)
(lines 478 - 539)
(lines 505 - 566)
On a
separate sheet of paper
, write a
summary of your section
of reading,
at least sentences
. This will be
collected later today
1 (lines 72 - 110)
2 (lines 90 - 148)
3 (lines 111 - 199)
4 (lines 200 - 258)
5 (lines 236 - 307)
6 (lines 308 - 383)
7 (lines 366 - 411)
8 (lines 412 - 477)
9 (lines 478 - 539)
10 (lines 505 - 566)
Assigned reading
To Build a Fire
starts on pg 331
Full transcript