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Mexican Culture

No description

Juan Mariche

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Mexican Culture

History and Traditions: Holidays and Celebrations: FAMILY The Life Cycle: ROLES: With help from Juan Mariche Mexican Culture GENERAL QUESTIONS: 1:What are the major stereotypes for this culture? A major stereotype is that we come to America to steal jobs and have kids. To what extent and in what ways has the traditional culture of this minority group changed when it comes in contact with the dominant American culture? Language, for one, is a huge part of culture that changes. Something that doesn't change is the way we stick together. 1: Who is considered family? Who among these live in the house? Everyone is family like cousins and uncles and aunts related in any way to any part of the family. Just the immediate family live in one house like brothers,sisters, mom, and dad, but grandparents can too. 2: What is the hierarchy of authority in the family? The man is the authority figure in the house. Typically the authority goes from the man(father) of the house to the mother, then the oldest boy child, to the oldest girl child and so on through the children. 3: What are the rights and responsibilities of each family member? The man brings in the money for the house, the mom cooks usually and takes care of the kids, however, the women may also be responsible for money being brought to the house in certain families. And the kids are either going to school or helping the parents. 4: Do children have an obligation to work to help the family? Both boys and girls? After they get out of school if they are not doing anything they have to work. Girls are expected to be married or get married not far after completing school (if even that). 5: What is the importance of individual freedoms versus the family as a whole? What is the degree of solidarity or cohesiveness in the family? Feelings are very deep for the family as a whole but individuals can still have their own goals. 1: What are the attitudes, expectations, and behaviors towards individuals at different stages in life? 2: What behaviors are appropriate or unacceptable for children of various ages? 3:How is language related to the life cycle? In a moderate family the kids can finish middle school or begin working around the age of 15. Girls are then considered young ladies and can be more independent also. You can be considered an adult by age 18. Children are never supposed to talk back to their elders. However; kids can get drinks and smoke from around middle school age. Language is not really related to any specific parts of the life cycle. Can both boys and girls receive an education? Yes. Are class differences involved in the expectations? Are they realistic? Higher class families expect their children to not only finish High School but to go to college as well. Lower class families expect their children to attend as much school as they can afford. Interpersonal Relationships: 1: How do people greet each other? Hugs, Kisses on the cheek(if appropriate) and a light hand shake. 2: Do girls work and interact with the boys? As a married adult not really. How is respect shown? By greeting your elders using 'Usted' instead of 'tu' and not speaking when adults are speaking. How are insults expressed? Body language, whistling, and profanity. Communication: What languages are used in the home? What languages are written? What languages are used for formal business? Spanish is used for business home and writing. What are the characteristics of speaking well? What is considered normal speech behavior? Speaking clear is speaking well and normal. Is being bilingual considered an advantage or a handicap? It's an advantage and can help get more jobs. Discipline: What is discipline? What is its importance and value? What behaviors are socially unacceptable for students of different ages or gender? Who is responsible if the child misbehaves? Who has authority? How is the behavior of children traditionally controlled? Religion: What is considered sacred and what is secular(of the world of man)? What is the role of children in religious practice? Parents tend to be very strict on kids, not like being 'grounded' but like getting spanked, hit, and smacked around. Skipping is more unacceptable there than here for all school age kids. The dad usually would give the whooping , some moms are called "alcawetas" which can be a term for a mom/someone that babies their children. By the "chancla" or flip-flop. Religion is a sacred thing all throughout Mexico even though there are different beliefs. They get baptized, first communion, and other things depending on the religion. Health and Hygiene: Who or what is believed to cause illness? Who or what is responsible for curing? Some people believe in magic spells but there are still doctors and medicine and a lot of natural remedies. How are specific illnesses treated? "If I get in an accident i go to the hospital. If I have the flu i might talk to my family first like mom and grandma then go get medicine." What foods are favorites? What foods are served as typical, everyday foods? FOOD! Mole, tamales, pasole, and tacos are favorites. Typical everyday food can be from beans and rice to a whole chicken. What foods are taboo? Rabbit, goat, tongue and other animal parts What rules are observed during meals regarding age, and gender roles within the family? What is the order of serving, seating, etc? More often than not the woman serves the food to her man and kids first. The rest doesn't really matter. Dress and Personal Appearance: What clothing is typical? What is worn for special occasions? What restrictions are imposed for modesty? Does the color of dress have symbolic significance? For kids typical clothes are the school uniforms, other than that its whatever you can afford. It can vary and depends on the parents. If it's gang related it matters. And when you get married if you're not a virgin you have to have some color in the dress. Also, if there's an eclipse and you're pregnant you typically wear red. What individuals and events in history are a source of pride? Cinco de Mayo and the 16th of September(Independence day) are important celebrations. To what extent does the group living in the U.S. identify with the history & traditions? "We try to keep it as traditional as possible but know it's not the same as being in Mexico". What changes have taken place in the country of origin since the group of individuals emigrated? For what reasons and under what circumstances did the group come to the U.S.? There's been general construction renovations and added a new water park. The reason people come to live in the U.S. is for education and money from more job opportunities. What holidays and celebrations are observed? Dia de los muertos, Christmas (no santa claus) Independence day, Mothers' Day, etc. What is their purpose (political, seasonal, religious)? There are political like Independence Day, Seasonal like kids' day, and religious like Christmas. Which are especially important for children and why? Christmas cause they get gifts, Kids Day cause they get candy and stuff, and any holiday with a party. Education: What is the purpose of education? To have a better future. What kinds of learning are favored? Hands-on What is the role of language in learning and teaching? Spanish is always the main language taught although they do teach foreign languages. How many years is considered normal for kids to go to school? It's considered normal if you can at least make it past Middle School although it all really depends on the parents income. Work and Play: What kinds of work are prestigious and why? Working for the government or owning a business. What is the purpose of play? To have fun. Why is work valued? work is valued because if there is no kind of income then your kids can not get a proper education and your going to have an angry wife that is waiting for the man to bring the money home. How important is punctuality? Time & Space: Very important. Is control or organization of children's time required? Natural Phenomenon: What beliefs and practices are associated with the sun, moon, and the stars? Pets and Animals: Which animals are valued and for what reasons? Which animals are considered appropriate and inappropriate as pets and why? Are any animals of religious significance or historical importance? Yes. They have homework time after school then go out and play as long as they get their chores done, bedtimes arent really common but can still be used. A full moon can mean it's a good fishing time. An eclipse can mean birth defects if a woman is pregnant and doesn't wear any red. For some people/religions on Easter you can't really eat meat. There's not really an 'inappropriate' pet because a lot of animals can be farmed and considered pets before sold or ate. Dogs and cats are still normal pets though. Dogs are still considered man's best friend. And A lot of people value cattle as a resource for money or food. Art and Music: What forms of art and music are most highly valued? What media and instruments are traditionally used? What forms of art and music are considered appropriate for children? A lot of people prefer Banda but everyone is still entitled to their own preference. Art is just there. T.V., Newspaper, Radio, phone, etc. Anything rated E for everybody or PG but people don't stress much over media violence. Expectations and Aspirations: How is success defined? What beliefs are held regarding luck and fate? "The harder you work the better future you'll have." There can still be luck and fate but a lot of people can look to their Gods or beliefs for their hopes. What significance does sticking to the traditional culture of Mexico have for your individual achievement? "Your culture doesn't really make your achievements, You make your own by how hard you work." Do parents expect and desire assimilation of children to the dominant American culture? Yes, parents expect big things out of their children. The End. BY: SHANNON TINSLEY
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