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Industrial Revolution Project

No description

Jennifer Guzman

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution Project

Industrial Revolution Project
Child Labor
During Industrial Revolution, Child Labor was very much recommended. Well with those nimble fingers and small bodies, they were very useful for work in factories. It was also a benefit because they were being paid only 10 percent what an adult would make, which is extremely cheap labor if that child was working 12-16 hours a day.
Working in a factory during the Industrial Revolution was very crowded and the air quality was unacceptable. Those who worked in coal mines had to breath in all the toxins and other pollutions that poisoned the air. Many of these toxins lead to permanent damage to the health of employees that in many cases cost them their lives.
Factories today are quite more organized and spacious enough for a huge group of people to preform different tasks. The machines have also advanced tremendously, replacing many of the manual work and sometimes, only requiring minimum assistance. Because of this improvement, many workers have a less chance of getting hurt throughout the day at the factory.
Photo-essay/ Art;
Find pictures (or create your own) of working conditions during the industrial revolution age (1800s) and photos from our current time. Photos can show child labor, factories, housing, etc. Put them together in a collage using multimedia. Examples might be a PowerPoint, an online photo album site like Snap fish, a website, scrapbook, etc. Minimum of 20 pictures. Include captions with your pictures to provide a description of the images.
By; Jennifer Guzman
In the state of New Jersey, the average age teens start to work is at 16, when they get their working papers. Many easily find jobs at fast food restaurants like McDonalds or at the mall, making minimum wage.
Houses built during the 19th Century were simple and sometimes built just for the sake of having somewhere to sleep. Other houses had more details but nothing compared to the intricacy of construction today.
Working conditions during the Industrial Revolution were exceedingly poor compared to those of today.

Nowadays, many factories, businesses, and buildings have certain requirements they have to meet or else the government has the right to shut them down, at least until they get their act together. Before, employers didn't really pay mind to the working conditions as long as the employees were doing their jobs.

In this slide show, you'll see photos comparing where people worked and under what circumstances during the Industrial Revolution to how it all is today.
Houses today;
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