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Tuesday 4.14.15

No description

Amy Swanson

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Tuesday 4.14.15

Tuesday 4.14.15
Letters from victims
I will choose three people to share their letters.

How did this cause you to think in new ways? Do survivors receive more attention than victims? Is there an imbalance? Is that appropriate?
Group Work
It's time we tapped into the transformative powers of moving our furniture. I will show you a specific method for creating small groups and then returning the desks to the horseshoe formation. We will move the desks in this way when small group work is called for. Let's practice.

Now, in your small group start to generate some ideas of themes that are being developed in the novel. Then, choose one of the themes and begin to find textual evidence to support it.
Do Now
Write down some criteria that you believe characterize quality work. Think mostly about the kind of assignments we work on in this class. Establish criteria for both discussion-based and writing-based assignments.
Article of the Week
Any pressing questions on this? As I wasn't here to read it with you, I can offer a couple minutes here to resolve possible misunderstandings or clarify areas of confusion.
Night- Section 4
As we read, think about how Wiesel's descriptions of setting influence the tone of the scenes.

Also consider what themes are beginning to emerge in the novel.
Setting: A Major Effect on Tone
Tone is a way of referring to the author's attitude toward the subject being written about. Setting, and more specifically, the words chosen to describe settings, often help reveal the author's tone.

Look at these excerpts from Section 4. Circle the words in each quote that contribute to the tone. Note that on the back of page 35 there is a list of tone words. Two of the tones have been left blank for you to fill in,but you should still be circling words that contribute to the tone you selected.
Greek and Latin Roots
Take out the sentences or story you wrote yesterday with the roots. I will call three people to share and the work will be collected.
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