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on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Afghanistan

What Language Does Afghanistan Speak?
Afghanistan speak a language that is called Dari.
This is what
Dari writing looks
Where to go in Afghanistan-
Afghanistan is a country that borders Iran and Pakistan.
Food and Religion
99% of the population of Afghanistan is Islam. A follower of Islam is a Muslim. So 99% of the population in Afghanistan is Muslim.
Wars are always going on in Afghanistan, it is not the safest place to live. There are a lot of refugees from there. But one of the major wars that happened went for 13 years!
In 2013 Afghanistan was
measured for a population
of 30.55 million, but did you know that many of those 30.55 million are not very well fed or healthy?
This is the Afghanistan Flag.
In Afghanistan, you would tend to have naan bread with meat and vegetables as a side in most of your meals.
Most of Afghanistan has dry and cold winters.Except for the lowlands which have semiarid climates. It is pretty simple in Afghanistan, winters are cold and summers are hot.

Did you know that the deserts in Afghanistan get less that 100mm of rain a year? That's about 4 inches!
Dari is sometimes referred to as Afghan Persian. It is estimated to be spoken by about 5 million people of Afghanistan.
Are You Visiting Afghanistan?
~The National Museum of Afghanistan
Qargha Reservoir
~Jama Masjid of Herat
September 11th 2001
September 11th is just the beginning of all the wars that lay ahead. Many people may have heard of 9/11, this was when the U.S were attacked on September 11th by an Islamic group called al-Qaeda. As I mentioned earlier, Afghanistan is an Islamic Nation. So this led to war that went for 13 years!
On this flag, the
represents Afghanistan back in the 19th century, when Afghanistan did not have independence.
is suppose to show all the blood shed and the fighting they went through.
And the
shows the independence that Afghanistan has achieved.
After This-
~ The U.S increased their military numbers and made an attack on Afghanistan.

~ This led to a big war and it has been going on since. In 2014 it was over, but it still stayed in everyone's memory.
~Gardens of Babur
Part 2-

Afghanistan Health
Did you know that 70% of Afghans are malnourished?
Malnourished means that you are not getting all the things your body needs to keep it running. For example,
- You need that to keep hydrated
- You need food so you don't starve to death.
Who's Helping Afghanistan?
Afghanistan has many help organizations. For example,
Afghan Relief Organization
Afghan Relief Organization is a non political, non religious group that is registered in the U.S and Afghanistan. It has been running since 1998. This group have made a very recent project about helping the education in Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, education in Afghanistan is poor. But recently, the
has helped with that.

has recently hosted a screening for the Afghan community talking about the history of Afghanistan. This is very helpful and is educating Afghanistan very much.
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