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The Korean War

Christy C. Nathan A. Andrea L. and Eunji P.

Teak Hahn

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of The Korean War

What are the causes of the issue?
What's the issue?
The Soviet and American forces had to decide where to temporarily divide Korea. They decided it would be along the 38th parallel.
What are specific events that relate to this issue in the last 3-5 years?
What is the role of the United States in causing or addressing the issue?
The U.S.'s role in the Korean War was to help the South Koreans and fight against communism.
United Nations Involvement
Already involved itself in Korea's affairs
The Korean War
Why is this important?
Separating Korea would cause major tensions between North and South Korean dictators, Kim Il Sung and Syngman Rhee.
North Korean withdrawal from the Korean War Armistice
United Nations Continues
Harry S. Truman pledged to come to South Korea's defense
The Korean War ended with an armistice--not a peace treaty. The war altogether was a stalemate.
In 1947 before partition, United Nations had to oversee elections to ensure that they were fair
North Korea launched massive attack on South Korea on June 25, 1950
Countries' military got involved and put troops on June 30
What is important?
In 1948, Korea became permanently divided between a communist government and an
anticommunist government.
September 15, 1950, UN forces staged the daring Inchon Landing, taking the North Koreans by surprise and placing UN forces deep inside enemy territory.
UNC and North
United States Command(UNC): multinational military force under command of the US
Came to aid after invasion by North Korea
War with North Korea is still going on today
UN wants to stop North Korea with there power of nuclear weapons
North Korean government has reputation of making then backing out of agreements when it comes to nuclear weapons
North Korea against
Other Nations
North Korea relationship with rest of the world is conflict and tension
US Societies and cultures were affected
The war accelerated the racial integration of American armed forces, raising expectations at home and giving impetus to the civil rights movement
The U.S. made allies with South Korea.
The Soviet Union made allies with North Korea.
North Korea invading South Korea.

The war between North and South Korea had begun...
Train attack
American Soldiers
Soviet Union Troops
Destruction from the War
Aggression towards South Korea...
In March of 2010, a South Korean naval ship was attacked and sunk. Although they deny it, the North Koreans were believed to have sank the ship
In addition to this, on November 23, 2010, North Korea bomb shelled the South Korean Island of Yeonpyeong killing one soldier and injuring 13 other people.
The death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il
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