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Save The Earth

Inspire people to recycle

Cheawoon Yoo

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Save The Earth

To save the Earth's Resources. Other choices of Energy What pollutes the Earth Pollution causing diseases What we must do! We all throw away our waste into the ocean/water and nature. We breathe out a non-breathable gas. We need to breathe to survive, so trees inhale the air and exhale the pure, breathable gas. If we keep cutting down the trees, we might not be able to inhale the air easily. People that smoke with cigarettes can cause harm to their lungs and to the environment! 125 million people are at risk! Pollution has become one of the most dangerous disease-causers on the Earth. In 2012, we had 49 countries with toxins caused by pollution, with the numbers increasing. One big danger is that we are trying to find cures for pollution diseases, instead of trying to stop pollution. Are we happy with the factories creating pollution? In order to save the Earth for the future,we must use air, water and solar power. Power plants are damaging our supply of natural resources In order to preserve the Earth's resources, we must use air, water and solar power.Power plants are polluting our environment and are destroying our essential natural resources. Instead of using fossil fuels like oil and coal for transportation, we could use electricity generated by solar,water and/or wind power Air Pollution Water Pollution Saving The Resources By: Jake Nelson
Cheawoon Yoo Litter Pollution Do ... Don't Do This! Pollution!!!!! Saving! Air Pollution Smog, (or smoke) has been hovering over cities for a while. Any object anyone puts into the atmosphere that damages any living thing and or the environment is known as Air Pollution. Greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, are causing something known as global warming. Litter on Earth Water Pollution Littering the environment has been leaving bad signs of damaging certain areas. Almost half the littering problems are ciggarettes! Many of the surfaces on Earth have been very sick to the trashy problem. Everyone know that some water is clean, and most isn't. Some of this "clean" water is pure and drinkable, but that is half right. Many chemicals and pills go into this Water and unpure it. Most filters would clean these chemicals off, but some MIGHT stay on. People/workers of factories have been dumping all this waste and never bothered to clean it up. This is what everyone knows as water pollution. What do others think... Many people have given up and lost hope of cleaning Earth. They think Earth would eventually die, so they just litter like Earth is as healthy as ever. But no, some people have started projects to conserve all of the resources, while others enjoy now and suffer later. If we keep this littering up, we might as well live on a polluted planet and become extinct. Should We Help? Most of us do not think others need a hand with cleaning Earth, but some responsible heroez have already jumped in and started to clean. Some of us think you need to be old enough, but anyone and anyone can start helping now! Help Earth Survive! Help Earth Survive! If we don't help Earth live, the planet will die faster every moment! Many tragic pollution problems are affecting our surfaces and making them rot, in a bad, gasoline-related rot.
Every bottle, every recycle counts do make it last. We Have to Help Earth Survive The Earth as we know it is dying of pollution. Many causes of this are usually because of litter, or chemical spills. We have to make it better by contributing to other helping programs that try to heal Earth. We must all help Earth to keep on living so we can survive a happy life. Earth Needs Us! Earth is suffering from all this unbreathable gas! Many factories are making smoke coming out of their buildings just to make some products. After the factories shut down, all the chemicals are still spilling out, and the owners (and workers) never bothered to clean up their dirty work. Are We Making Progress? We may think there are too many polluters for us to clean up their messes, but no. Many people are working hard to try to produce clean air, water, and even to clean Earth! We don't have to worry, but we should help. It is a choice to make. To help the environement and live a good life, or live in a polluted area with no pure oxygen. Here are some examples of "Do's" and "Don'ts": Don't create.... Don't create.... recycle don't create.... Do... pick up trash Sites Used....
http://www.ask.com/?o=0&l=dir (Ask.com)
http://www.google.com/ (Google.com)
http://www.yahoo.com/ (Yahoo.com)
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