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The Importance of the Saola to Biodiversity

It's about saolas.

prezi sucks

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of The Importance of the Saola to Biodiversity

The Importance of the Saola to Biodiversity
By: Daniel Haycocks-Tulli
What is the Saola?
The Saola is a mammal similar in appearance to both the goat and the and the antilope
it is also reated to the domesticated cow
Its scientific name is Pseudoryx nghetinhensis
Its taxonomy is as follows:
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mamailia
Order: Cetartiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Threats to Survival of the Saola
There are 3 threats to the Saola which are why it is
These 3 threats are:
Habitat Loss
Reproductive Characteristics
Habitat and Numbers
The Saola is know only to inhabit 2 countries: Vietnam and Laos
The habitat of the Saola are the forests on the boarder shared by Laos and Vietnam
The forests are typically wet and between 400 and 1000 meters above sea level
During the last decade the world population of Saolas has been declining
It is estimated that there are fewer then 750 in the wild and none in captivity
Hunters in Vietnam and Laos use snare traps which utilize a slipknot to trap the animal in a place so that the hunter can come later and kill it
Although the snares are meant for wild boars and deer they often catch Saolas instead, which are killed anyways for their meet
snare traps are also used to prevent animals from interfering with agricultural operations
It is due to the prevalence of hunting in Laos and Vietnam that this is the greatest threat to the survival of the Saola
Habitat Loss
Due to the fact that Laos and Vietnam being newly developing countries there is a large amount of land development happening in each of them
Land that is being developed into urban areas, housing and plantations are taking habitat away from the Saola because they are moving further into the Saola's habitat
Logging is also taking habitat away from the Saola since they live in forests which are being destroyed by logging companies
Reproductive Characteristics
Due to the reproductive characteristics of the Saola its numbers are declining
It is know that it takes 8 months of gestation for a baby Saola to be born which is quite long
Due to the long gestation time and large generation gap each successive generation has less Saolas
The reason for the new generation having less Saolas then the last one is that the long gestation time works against the Saola by making pregnant Saolas more venerable to being killed over a longer period of time then normal

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris
Common Name: Tiger
Scientific Name: Panthera pardus
Common Name: leopard
Scientific Name: Pseudoryx
Common Name: Saola
Scientific Name: Cuon alpinus
Common Name: dhole
Scientific Name: Homo Sapien
Common Name: Human
Scientific Name: Blechnum penna-marina
Common Name: Pen Of The Sea
Scientific Name: Thelypteris noveboracensis
Common Name: New York Fern
Scientific Name: Rosa
Common Name: Rose
Scientific Name: Helianthus annuus
Common Name: Sunflower
Scientific Name: Alstroemeria
Common Name: Peruvian Lily
Food Web
The Phylum Chordata encompasses all species in the Kingdom Animalia that have backbones


The Dhole is the asian iteration of the wild dog and although it does look very similar to a fox it is not one,However it is in the same family as the fox.
The Tiger is Arguably the largest member of the Felidae family and the most ferocious eating prey weighing several hundred pounds by it self.
Although the leopard is not as big or strong as other members of the felidae family it makes up for what it lacks in size with its blisteringly fast top speed of almost 60 km/h; making it one of the fastest members of the family.
What Happens If The Saola Goes Extinct?
As of 2014 the Saola is classified as a criticaly endangered species
If current trends of hunting, reproduction and habitat loss continue the Saola with become extinct in near future
Due to the Saolas part in its ecosystem its removal would have moderately damaging effects to it
since the Saola is a herbivore this means less plants will be eaten resulting in an increased plant population
the increased plant population will put a large amount of strain on the soil to provide nutrients which may make it infertile after a long time
with all the Saolas gone the carnivores will have less to eat and thus will result in slight starvation of some carnivores decreasing their population
Is Biodiversity Important?
Estimates say that there are over eight million different species on earth; eight million life forms with their own unique appearance, diet, habitat and more. These species are what make earths environment so biologically diverse but the real question is are they important? Is Biodiversity important? I say yes, Biodiversity is certainly very important. You may ask why I think that biodiversity is important, it is important for three reasons: It keeps the Environment Healthy, It supports our whole society and it is a part of the universe we have yet to completely understand.
The Earths biodiversity is what keeps it balanced, the biodiversity keeps the food chains in balance by having many species to fill the same slot. If a species becomes extinct then a different species will take its place in the food chain. Without bio diversity all layers of the food chain would become bloated or shrink. If one layer of the food chain changes they all change; the change is always for the worse usually resulting in more species becoming extinct as a result of the original extinction changing the food chain in the first place.
The food chain is actually a critical part of human society because we use it to feed ourselves. Without biodiversity humans would have less food which would make the starvation in certain places of the world even worse than it is and reduce the human population overall. We as a species need bio diversity to continue to thrive on Earth; without it our species would become extinct much like the dozens of species that go extinct every day anyways.
It is estimated that we as a species know less than five of everything that there is to know. Biodiversity is a part of the things we don’t know and if it disappears we will never know how our or any of the other species on earth ever came to be. Bio diversity is one of the things we need to learn about if we want to figure out why we are here on this Earth and not Mars or the Moon. Biodiversity is important because it keeps the environment in check, Feeds our species and teaches us about ourselves and without it nether you or I or anyone would be here to read this right now.
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