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Medieval Japan

Postcards from Medieval Japan

Cassandra Hernandez

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Japan

My travels to Medieval Japan have been very enlightening. The Yamato clan has proclaimed its divine rule and created a bureaucracy that imitates China's centralized government. Japanese have been sent to study the ways of ancient China and will return with great information. Today, I have learned that the aristocracy in Japan would like to model its entire culture and life after China. Their wish is for all people to convert to Buddhism but this will be difficult to do because most Japanese refuse to give up their Shinto beliefs. Ms. Cornett
World History
Florida Virtual School
U.S.A. Greetings from
in Medieval Japan Ms. Cornett
World History
Florida Virtual School
U.S.A. The close proximity to China has played a very important role in the medieval advances in Japan. However, Fujiwara are fine patrons of the arts and are encouraging literature and painting. Women of the aristocracy are being taught to read and write. This is very advanced for the time period. Poetry, painting, and poetry are flourishing and creating a definitive difference between China and Japan. Merchant Artisans Serfs
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