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Frantic Assemblys Design of Othello

An Interactive Resource based on the Design of Frantic Assemblys Othello.

Frantic Assembly

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Frantic Assemblys Design of Othello

What do we want the Image to say?
Othello in a contemporary setting like it has never been seen before.

The pool table suggests the location of the play

The pool table features in the physical set.

The pool table is Othello & Desdemonas bed.
Physicality of the Production
Why the floating image?

Desdemona lifts Othello, she is young, feisty and strong.

We wanted a dynamic, muscular Othello.

We wanted to portray the contemporary setting.

We wanted to suggest the inherent physicality of the production.

We wanted the right mix of love, attitude and sexiness.

Set Design
The Pool Table
A Set that Dances

The walls of this set are articulated and can be moved into numerous configurations.

They can even peel completely back to reveal the wall of a car park behind the pub.

We were under strict instructions that they were NOT to be used merely for scene changes.

The Death Scene
Why the Pool Table?

It supports the naturalism of the pub. The sounds and shapes of playing pool help create the context for our world.

The pool table reinvents itself from time to time, for example, to become a bed.

It is were our play end, as the death bed of Desdemona.

The metaphorical potential of the white and black ball.
Othello 2014: Design

Marketing Image
The Pool Table
Why Hybrid?

The epic quality & symphonic element of the music is in direct reference to the use of a classical text.

The breakbeat element is suggestive of a modern, urban landscape - the perfect sonic setting for our pub.

We have created our own hybrid with a show which uses various theatrical methods, driving the feel for a contemporary show.

Othello Soundtrack

Just Today
Just be careful
Falling down
Finished Symphony
Until tomorrow
Evacuating London
Keep it in the family
Heat beat

Cover Image by Perou
Production Images by Manuel Harlan
The Walls
An Interactive Resource
for Students age 14+


Marketing Image

Set Design

Physicality of The Production
Floating Image
Set Design
Its Physicality

Practically the pool table gives us a platform, ledges and all kinds of possibilities for dynamic physicality.

The physicality of men exchanging banter or showing off around a pool table. It gives a focus and direction to their movement.

The pool cues go from being part of a game of pool, to being weapons.
The Music
Who are Hybrid?

Hybrid are a British electronic music DJ Collective originally from Swansea.
Hybrid are: Mike Truman, Chris Healings & Charlotte Truman
The Music
The Music
The Walls & Characters

Are there to tell a much more interesting story than merely define the physical space.

Help us to portray the emotional state of our characters.

They undulate as Cassio gets more and more drunk, showing his confusion and uncertainty.

Slowly closing in around Othello as he begins to lose his grip on reality.

It takes 4 people to operate this complex set backstage.
The Walls
Othello Trailer 2014
Creating a New World

The interior of the pub creates the world our characters inhabit.

The 80s 'fake regency' wall paper denotes the 'tacky aspirational' quality of the estate pub.

This set allows us to also see other areas of the pub such as the car park & pub toilet.

Marketing Image
Marketing Image
Set Design
The Pool Table
The Walls
The Music
Marketing Image
Our Othello Soundtrack Includes
By Hybrid
Just for Today
Formula of Fear
All I want
Evacuating London

The Pool Table
The Walls
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