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The Great Barrier Reef by Luke Sherman

What is the Great Barrier Reef

Cameron Anderson

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of The Great Barrier Reef by Luke Sherman

Luke's Great Barrier Reef prezi The Great Barrier Reef competes for richness of species with the rain forests that are near the Reef. The GBR was incuded in the world heritage register in 1981. The GBR was first formed about 500,000 years ago. Interesting facts The GBR is so big that it can be seen
from a rocket in outer space. The Great Barrier Reef stretches over
2000 kilometres Species What is coral
bleaching????? Sea turtles - 6 species Reef sharks - 165 species Birds - 200+ species Reef fish - 1500-2000 species Pictures http://media.news.com.au/travel/lp/images/BN918_1.jpg
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