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Anukula's story

No description

aniruddha kashyap

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Anukula's story

by Anukula Kashyap The Rabbit's Tale In Summary When he looked closer, he saw a wart hog. The wart hog looked scary and dangerous. But it wasn't a predator. It was just a hungry wart hog in search of food. So Colonel came out from behind the rock and started chomping on the grass again. The wart hog strolled over to Colonel and sniffed him and decided he wouldn't make a tasty meal. So he wandered off to leave Colonel chomping at his dinner. The End One day, a rabbit by the name of Colonel was hopping around when he saw a predator. But the predator didn't see him because he was shorter than the grass. Colonel just hopped around and hid behind a rock.
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