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Melissa Gravert

on 4 September 2013

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What is Student Council?
Student Council is a group of students who comes up with ideas to make our school community better. The teachers and students at Jefferson choose Student Council members who they think will represent them best. Each member of Student Council gets the opportunity to actively participate in school-wide activities, make decisions, and see democracy in action.
What does Student Council do?
Student Council:
picks up recycling
creates publicity about school events,
promotes school pride
collects money for fund raising programs
participates in other school activities
Student Council members also bring ideas and suggestions from their classrooms to Council meetings and report information back to classrooms.
Why would I want to be on Student Council?
Student Council members will:
gain leadership skills
experience working as a team
take pride in their school community
gain responsibility
have the opportunity to become excellent citizens and leaders within our school community
increase communication skills with students and adults
have fun!
Who is in Student Council?
4th grade

6 classroom representatives
5th grade
2 classroom representatives
4 officers

A total of 12 students, both officers and classroom representatives, will serve on Student Council.
Ms. Gravert is the Student Council Adviser.
What are the responsibilities of the Student Council Officers and Classroom Representatives?
• Meets with the officers and adviser
to plan meetings
• Helps run the Student Council meetings
• Represents the Council at different events
Vice President:
• Fills in when the President is absent
• Participates in Council meetings
When and where does Student Council meet?
Student Council will meet once or twice a week, probably during Morning Meeting, in room 27.
Can a person be removed from Student Council?
It is up to your teacher and Ms. Gravert to decide if you are able to keep your position. If you are disruptive in class or during Student Council meetings, or if you are falling behind in your class work or Student Council responsibilities, you may lose your position.
• Keeps a written record of money
earned and spent
• Reports this information at Council
• Writes down what goes on at the meetings
• Keeps track of attendance

How are Student Council
Classroom Representatives selected?
How are Student Council Officers selected?
Student Council Classroom Representatives are chosen by
4th and 5th grade classroom teachers.
Student Council Officers are selected through an election process. Each Student Council candidate will complete an application form, prepare a speech, and make and hang up posters. The speeches will be presented to the 5th grade classes. After the speeches, the 5th grade classes will vote for the students they think will best serve as Student Council Officers.
• Attends Student Council meetings and
reports back to classrooms
• Reports class feedback to the Council
Classroom Representatives:
If I am elected to Student Council but
I don't like it, can I quit?
When you decide to be on the Student Council, you are making a commitment. It is for the entire school year. Before you decide to run for Student Council, please make sure that you are sure it's something you'll want to do all year long.
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