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Create a Visual Geospatial Career Plan

Featured in ArcNews: Create a GeoSpatial Career Plan using a zoomable canvas. Created by Rachel Kornak, GISP. Learn More: www.emerginggisleaders.org

EmergingGIS Leaders

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Create a Visual Geospatial Career Plan

The Future of Your Geospatial
Career is in
Your Hands High Five! you're done... Interest Competency Earth Geometry
& Geodesy Data
Quality Satellite
Systems Positioning &
Data Acquisition Cartography Geographic
Systems Programming &
Development Analysis &
Modeling Professionalism Remote
Sensing &
Photogrammetry Rearrange the sticky notes on the whiteboard. Tier IV & V of the Geospatial Technology Competency Model (GTCM) Interest Achievement Gain Work
Experience Present at
Conference Get Involved in
a Professional
Organization Attend a
Conference Earn Degree/
Certificate Attend Class/
Workshop Write/Review
a Publication Volunteer Organize
an Event Receive
an Award Specific Evidence** Competency Write Communicate
Value of GIS Build Client
Relationships Design/Manage
Databases Program
Custom Apps Lead
Teams Sell/Market GIS Services Can - Do
Attitude Present/
Speak Manage
Projects Solve
Problems 6. In Demand Skills Google
Search Results Facebook Professional
Websites Personal
Website/Blog Press Release/
News Story Linked In Twitter Other Online
Discussions 10. Virtual Identity Check Bring It On! Desk
Work Business
Travel Explore/
Improve Solve
Problems Field
Work Fast
Paced Listen Program Team
Work Deadline
Driven Plan Big Picture
Tasks 1. Dream Job Traits 11. GIS Thought Leadership Meter Future Interest Participation Professional
Newsletters Webinars/
Hangouts In Person
Conversations RSS
Feeds Blogs Social
Media Books Email
Lists Podcasts In-Person
Events Conference
Proceedings Professional
Websites Interest Achievement GISP
Certification Doctoral
Degree ASPRS
Certification Professional
References Esri
Certification Other
Certification GIS Work
Experience Continuing Education
Classes GIS
Volunteering 7. Professional Credibility Conference
Proceedings Other
Social Media You
Tube Detail
Tasks Manage
Projects Manage
People Teach/ Mentor Create
Visuals Write Boring... Yeah! Business Government Natural
Resources Trans-
portation Defense Health Public
Safety Utilities Education Mapping Social
Sciences Research &
Development 2. Interests Beyond GIS Conser-
vation Inter-
national Aid Software/
Hardware Other: Other: Other: Yawn... Associate's
Degree Master's
Degree GIS
Certificate Bachelor's
Degree 8. GIS Resume Rater Yep Be Brief:
1-2 pgs max. List skills &
competencies Describe value/how users benefited from your GIS projects Include buzz
words from job
description Bullet points for all text. Begin sentences with verbs Customize
for each job 5 second check. What text
stands out? Nope Leave out unrelated positions (fast food) Demonstrate knowledge of their organization Give specific examples of desired skills Check for
typos... ...check
again! Be Creative 9. GIS Portfolio Perfecter Yep Use consistent formatting Include screen
videos Test for
compatibility Describe value/how users benefited
from your projects Share code samples on Github.com or similar Link to your social media profiles Follow copyright &
confidentiality agreements Include testimonials or references Tell a story vs.
a comprehensive
tech report Visual hierarchy
(Do important parts stand out?) Customize for your target
audience Look high-tech and professional Nope Include interactive content (ArcGIS Online or similar) Include Captions:
1 - Problem
2 - Solution
3 - Who Cares? Include
graphics Check out techsmith.com/jing Needs a Makeover Lookin' Good 4. Core GeoSpatial Competencies 5. GISP Certification Dare to Dream Reality Check Set Goals Fine Print Visit for more information and resources. Questions or Comments? Embedded images are copyrighted by fotolia.com. Licenses are non-transferrable. Follow along the path to visit each of the eleven virtual work rooms. There is one room for each main topic. Directions Once you arrive in a room... to match your goals & interests. To find your dream job, you need to know what you want and be able to articulate it clearly. Thought Leaders are "perceived experts that companies want to hire."
- Galen DeYoung "Create a Visual Geospatial Career Plan Prezi Template" by Rachel Kornak, GISP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.emerginggisleaders.org. ** Evidence = articles, web-portfolios, blogs,
videos, conference proceedings, client references. Translate Real-World Needs into GIS Workflows 1. Dream Job Traits
2. Interests Beyond GIS
3. Location Matters
4. GeoSpatial Competencies
5. GISP Certification
6. In Demand Skills
7. Professional Credibility
8. GIS Resume Rater
9. GIS Portfolio Perfecter
10. Virtual Identity Check
11. Thought Leadership Meter Let's create a visual career plan together... Dare to Dream Reality Check Set Goals Share Your Plan Steps Goals Learn about best practices & milestones in GIS Professional Development.
Rate your level of achievement & interest.
Create an action plan & set goals.
Share your plan with your mentor(s).
Track your progress over time. By Rachel Kornak, GISP
www.rachelkornak.com Create a Visual GeoSpatial
Career Plan Virtual
Rooms Creative Commons License Other: GIS
Internship Name: Date: GIS Rockstar Personalize Your Plan Jan 2013 Update the name and date above. "Recruiters spend an average of
on a resume before they make the initial 'fit or no fit' decision." - The Ladders Describe GIS
school and volunter projects if lacking paid experience Example - Research GIS conferences and events to attend. (Replace with your text). List Action Items for Priority Rank Your Top 3 Priorities
for Follow Up Room 1
Find New GIS Job Room 2
New Topics Room 4
Increase GTCM
Competencies Room 5
Apply for /Renew GISP Room 6
Gain/Polish In Demand Skills Room 7
Credibility Room 8
Resume Room 10
Improve Virtual Identity Room 11
Increase Thought Leadership Room 9
Portfolio Example - Ask my boss for funding/time off to attend a GIS conference. (Replace with your text). Next
Month Example - Write and submit a conference abstract. (Replace with your text). This
Month This
Week Example - Research GIS degree programs. (Replace with your text). List Action Items for Priority Example - Select top 3 programs. (Replace with your text). Next
Month Example - Visit each campus and speak with their admissions advisor. (Replace with your text). This
Month This
Week Example - Find 3-5 job ads that match my dream GIS job. (Replace with your text). List Action Items for Priority Example - Create list of buzz words, required skills, and preferred credentials. (Replace with your text). Next
Month Example - Revise my resume to match wording. Create list of skill & credential gaps. (Replace with your text). This
Month This
Week www.trello.com www.actionmethod.com Set Reminders Add your steps and deadlines to a calendar and/or task management tool. My favorites are: Share Your Plan Type Name 1 Here Type Name 2 Here Circle of Trust Identify 3 people to share your GIS career plan with. Consider your mentors, bosses, co-workers, teachers, fellow students, or people you’ve met at a conference or in an online forum. Type Name 3 Here www.emergingGISleaders.org Imagine you landed your dream job. What's a typical day like? Narrow down your interests so you can prioritize your efforts. GIS is a tool to solve real-world challenges. What do you want to focus on? Are you qualified for your dream job? If not, where are the gaps? “The key to getting what you want in life is to be specific about it.” - David Bach. The U.S. Department of Labor's Geospatial Technology Competency Model (GTCM) outlines the competencies required for workplace success. How do you measure up? Check out the sites below for more information: Are you qualified or on track to become a Certified GIS Professional (GISP)? Do you have enough GIS work experience, education, and professional contributions? If not, what can you do now to prepare? Learn more at http://www.gisci.org/. GTCM Overview: http://www.careeronestop.org/competencymodel/pyramid.aspx?geo=Y
Competency Definitions: http://www.careeronestop.org/competencymodel/blockModel.aspx?tier_id=4&block_id=708&GEO=Y Do you have the skills employers are looking for? Can you prove it? Can you demonstrate that you have GIS chops? http://www.weogeo.com/video/Hangouts_with_James_Fee_Geospatial_Career_Panel_2012_-_Navigating_the_Field.html Learn more at: Do you have a paper trail to prove your GIS abilities? 6 seconds Do you stand out from the pack? Are you memorable? GIS is a visual profession.
Do you have a graphic portfolio of your maps and apps? Think of your portfolio as an advertisement for yourself. Would you hire you?
For more ideas check out: www.emerginggisleaders.org/portfolio-tips http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/04/your_future_employer_is_watchi.html " of search-firm recruiters regularly Google candidates"
- U.S. News. 90% What messages do you broadcast about yourself online? Learn more on the Harvard Business Review Blog: How are you making an impact? Do you contribute original ideas and resources? Do you stay informed of new trends? "If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else."
-Lawrence J. Peter A mentor or geo-pal can help you refine your goals, provide encouragement, and open doors of opportunity. Version 1.0
Updated 2/16/13 3. Location Matters Most GIS jobs are clustered in densely populated areas. How far will you go to follow your dreams? Read more about U.S. GIS job location trends at: GIS Lounge Blog Post: http://www.gislounge.com/where-are-the-gis-jobs-a-look-at-the-gis-job-market-in-the-united-states/ Yep Nope Do you live near or would you move to _______? Washington
D.C. Southern
California International Houston, Texas West Coast Major U.S. Cities Front Range,
Colorado East
Coast Other:
_______ Room 3
Relocate Note: You need to create a copy of the template before you can make changes.
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