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Lord of the Flies

Characters Despcription and Changes

lizbet estrada

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Ralph Jack Simon Piggy A 12 years old English boy,skinny,tall, fair hair,

He is skinny,straight hair
that hangs A 12 year old boy kinda long hair,
skinny A fat clumsy boy that wears glasses
has asthma. The "fatboy" Roger
Sam & Eric A 12 year old with black hair, skinny Two young skinny, unsperable boys"Sameric",
one of the littuns Early Traits Voted the head leader of the boys.He belives in geting rescue from the island. Also he is self confident.Ralph want to build a shelter,fire.And food ,but he is not worried because they have some fruit in the island. Ralph comes up with a conch to be a symbole of authority to talk. Early Trait Jack is the same age as Ralph
that is why Jack wants to be
the leader of the boys.He also
does not care much about building
a shelter ,but to hunt and get
some food to eat.
Piggy thinks the same way as
Ralph and always agrues
with him.Also Piggy is obsessed
in builing a fire and to get rescue
from it.Also has alot of knowledge and
encurages Ralph on whats right to do.He cares
for the other to speak their opion to.And not
like the other chior boys he doesnt think that
their is a beast Early Trait Early Trait Roger is a quiet to himself boy
who is aviodence and secrecy.
His behavior is like if inside he
is swelling,hate,loneliness, emtional.
Roger is not a leader or a follower he
is neither.One of his duty at the island
was to keep the fire going. Early Trait Simon is a boy with medical problems.
Also hes mysterious and thinker.Who likes to
be by himself in the jungle.And was not as
social as the other boys. He agrues
more with Ralph then Jack.Simon thinks that
there is a beast living in the island because
he hears vioces.And id the only one to confront
the beast Early Trait The boys are always together
a good example of brothers.One job
is to tend the fire at the island.They also
agrue with Ralph to get rescue from
the island.
Change Ralph is no longer the
leader of the boys.He lost confident
of them getting rescue from the island.
Also Jack and Ralph seperate and most of
the boys are sided with Jack.So Ralph
stays with Piggy,Simon and the Twins.Then
Ralph want to get all of the boys together.
But then Simon got killed so Ralph says that
it was a murder and feels kind of guilt for not
helping.Ralph defends Piggy so the boys
would give back the glasses. Ralph starts fighting
Jack to get Piggys glasses. After Piggys death Ralph
is lonely and hides in bushes. Changes Jack become the new
leader of the boys by hunting
a pig and giving the boys food
then they start painting their faces
to be a hunter. And he wants to find
the beast in the isalnd. And left the pigs
head for the beast. As they eat Jack
tells the boys to feast chaunt around
the fire.Also Jack becomes more aggresive
and in their sleep the boys and him
go and steal Piggys glasses. But Jack gives
Ralph and Piggy fod to eat. And want Ralph
and Piggy to join them.But like they dont Jack
wants to kill Ralph change Piggy also wants fire in the island
but when the fire is out he mentally
collapes.Piggy belives that it
was an accident of Simon death and
end up taking a part of simon
murder. The boys take Piggys glasses
and Ralph goes to get them because Piggy is scard,but at the end he goes and tries to reason the boys to stop painting their faces and Roger hit Piggy with a gaint rock Change Simon starts dreaming
about the Lord of The Flies that
the pigs head is part of him. And reakize that the beast is horrible but although harmless.But Simon gets killed by Jack and the beast Change The twins fight at the island
for the first time.Sameric join Jacks tribe to provide and protect Ralph.But Jack
threatens them on giving Ralphs hiding spot Change Roger is in Jacks tribe
but he also doesnt like Jack.But he likes the idea of hunting.Roger lost condtions and throw a huge rock at Piggy's head and kills him.Also he is having authority with the twins.And at the end the twins release that Roger is worse then Jack.
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