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Jordyn Joubert

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Dressage

Dressage Dressage is a competitive equestrian sport in which the rider must train their horse to go through & preform a series of impressive, dance-like movements. They then get judged and placed on a scale of 0-10. It originated in Europe, and began with just a way to train horses. Now it is a popular sport there. This sport has many requirements for not only the rider, but the horse. A groomed horse is important in dressage. To impress the judges, riders braid the horses main, sometimes adding ribbons or different colors. A tail must also be properly groomed. Horse's tails are mainly plaited for show, though sometimes they are left just loose and combed out. Halters and reins are pieces of tack designed to wrap around the horses muzzle and head and attach to each other at the back of the neck so the rider can hold it. It is used to steer and keep the horse under control. They come in a variety of colors and types (leather, rope, etc.). Riders who preform in dressage tend to wear tall dress boots, though inexperienced sometimes wear field boots. Spurs are required when the performer reaches a certain level of show. Clothing is important in dressage too. Certain clothing is required for the rider. Breeches are typical riding pants that are worn during show. They help the rider stay on the saddle. For a coat, a beginner performer wears a dressage coat.This coat is typically a dark coat with buttons and a collar. Experienced riders wear shad-bellies, which are a form of yellow vest, in contrast to a plain coat. The usual hat is a dressage top hat, which can be dangerous because while on a horse you don't know what can happen. In America, a riding helmet is a requirement for dressage. This was the shortest video of dressage I could find. It shows the horse 'dancing', though most routines are much more complex. In the video, look at its hooves. You can see them moving in 'dance steps'. Horses have many different types of movement, and it's easy to tell which is which. There's walking, the obvious one, with no specific rhythm. Then there's trotting, which is a faster pace. And then there's cantering. Next is galloping. And finally, there's dressage. You can tell how different it is from the other movements. The hooves move in a jumpy way almost, like they're walking on hot coals.
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