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Healthy Living

All the elements that go into a healthy life: parts of the body, mental health and emotions.

Millicent Baker

on 1 February 2012

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Transcript of Healthy Living

1. The Skin 3. The Eye A) Personal Care 2. Teeth and Mouth B) Mental & Emotional Health 1. Mental Health 2. Personality 3. Emotions 4. Handling Emotions
(in Healthful Ways) What are emotions? signals that tell your mind and body how to react Name some basic emotions What is the difference between rational and irrational fear? Besides the ones that were mentioned in the video,
name some other common phobias Discuss emotions that you feel How do they make you act? Ophidiophobia (fear of heights) Acrophobia Cynophobia Ornithophobia Can these emotions effect your health? YES Letting emotions get the best of you can lead to these following health problems: and more... So, what can we do to prevent these unhealthy outcomes? What are some strong emotions
that can be hard to deal with? anger fear guilt Epidermis Dermis Hair Sebaceous gland Fat Muscle Nerves Capillary Your skin is a part of one of the body's main systems called
the integumentary system Healthy Skin Eat Well Clean (Vitamin A helps) Get Plenty of Rest KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR FACE Skin Ailments Acne Skin Cancer Psoriasis http://www.healthination.com/Conditions/Videos/Psoriasis/What-is-Psoriasis Your Hair and Nails Healthy Hair three two one Wash Regularly Brush Daily = Soft, shiny & healthy hair Hair Problems Dandruff Proper Nail Care Class Discussion:
Label How did you do? 4. The Ear Healthy Teeth Also, make sure to floss regularly!!!! Mouth & Teeth Problems/Diseases Periodontal Disease Halitosis Gingivitis/Periodontitis Malocclusion Vocabulary
sweat glands
sebaceous glands
dandruff Vocabulary
periodontal disease
tartar Vocabulary
lacrimal gland
retina Parts of the Eye sclera iris 1. 2. 3. pupil 4. cornea lens 5. 6. retina 7. optic nerve How Does the Eye Work? Keep Your Eyes Healthy:
regular checkups w/ an eye professional
wear prescribed corrective lenses properly & as instructed
take breaks after working on computers for long periods of time
read books and watch TV in adequate lighting
DON'T rub your eyes
DON'T stare at direct sunlight or extremely bright lights
wear the correct protective eyewear when needed, i.e. sports, work, or anything else that could cause eye injury
Eye Problems Vision Problems Diseases of the Eye Color Blindness Test Can You See the Numbers? nearsightedness (myopia) farsightedness (hyperopia) Can Laser Eye Surgery Help with Myopia or Hyperopia? 25 6 45 8 56 29 Other Vision Problems Include: Eye Diseases Stye Pink Eye More Serious Eye Diseases: Simple antibiotics can help both. Vocabulary:
external auditory canal
tinnitus Class Activity -
Label the Inner, Middle & Outer Ear How does the ear work? Proper Ear Care Healthy Ears Cleaning Also, avoid loud noises!
Keep music and television listening at reasonable levels
Wear ear protection when necessary Ear Problems Conductive Deafness What other ear problems are there? Chapter 7 Activity
Suggested Assignment:
Create Activity Logs -
Daily diet
Daily exercise
Daily hygiene
Log should be at least a week long.
Should be done with either PowerPoint, Prezi, or in digital story form. Teacher Chapter 7 Review Vocabulary:
mental health
feedback Class Activity Pair up
Both of you write down 3 words that you would use to describe yourself
And 3 words that you would use to describe your partner

How do they compare? Discuss
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