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2011-2012 Ohio Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA Julia Provoznik Impact Report

The Ohio Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA Julia Provoznik serving at the Lorain County Community College presents the past year's successes and looks forward to the future sustainment of the service programs at LCCC.

Julia Provoznik

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of 2011-2012 Ohio Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA Julia Provoznik Impact Report

2011-2012 AmeriCorps VISTA Impact Report Julia Provoznik Students Community Partners The Tree of Service Learning LCCC Student Impact Academic
Achievement Civic Engagement Personal Growth Higher grades
Higher persistence rates
Academic gains (including application of course learning)
Higher levels of academic engagement
Increases in critical thinking and writing skills
Greater interaction with faculty
Higher levels of satisfaction with their learning experience
Deeper understanding of subject matter
A greater likelihood of degree completion
Greater retention Greater levels of civic behavior, social responsibility, understanding of social justice, and sense of self-efficacy
Desire personally to effect political change
Gaining a new perspective on social issues Gains in moral reasoning
Greater tolerance and reduced stereotyping
Greater commitment to service-oriented career
Positive effect on their ability to work well with others
Predictor of increased leadership skills
Greater self-knowledge, spiritual growth, and finding reward in helping others
A predictor of students’ feeling connected to the community
A means of creating opportunity for close relationships among students and between faculty and students Community Impact Improve college-community relations
Increase access to human, financial, and material resources
Increase human resources for problem solving
Gain more contributions to meet human needs
Increase their future civic support and commitment
Provides short-term volunteers to meet community needs
Provides potential long-term volunteers and potential recruits for agency employment
Increases awareness & marketing of agency services and social issues within the community
Community agencies gain the opportunity to participate in educational partnerships
Access to specialized skills and talents College Impact Improve student success (satisfaction, retention, & completion)
Better prepare students for work and transfer to other educational institutions
Improve college-community relations
Develop a stronger motivational base of instruction and learning
Enhance engaged learning opportunities
Develop a broader conception of educational role
Increase public service delivery Completion By Design & Achieving the Dream
Improved Student Success
Vision 2.0
COMMUNITY Cornerstone
Experiential Education
Service Learning
Service Learning Components At LCCC At LCCC Job Opportunities & Networking
Improved Student-Faculty Relationships
Greater understanding of Lorain County, community needs, poverty, diversity, course content...
Desire to continue service at their site
Assurance of career choice or education path
Desire to take more SL courses
Student Personal Impact Book Common Themes
Student Impact Example... 2011-2012 360 SL Students
4,064 Hours of Service "Because of our partnership with LCCC, this year we were able go from collecting 5 million pounds of food, to 7.5 million pounds of food." - Julie Cruz Blair, Second Harvest Food Bank At LCCC 93 Community Organization Outreach
22 Site Visits (VISTA Personally)
$76,688 Monetary Impact Upon Community 2011-2012 Mentored "Littles" through Big Brothers Big Sisters
Organized food drives for Second Harvest
Conducted balance assessments for community members at risk of falling
Served meals to the homeless
Organized a Poverty Simulation to raise awareness
Organized free HIV testing event for community
Tutored High School students at the Early College
Created a business plan for a local organization
Organized a volunteer event to prep a house through Habitat for Humanity for a family to move
Taught financial literacy to a group of Girl Scouts
Worked at nonprofit farm (New Agrarian Center) to support the growth of sustainable agriculture, local foods, and access to healthy foods
AND MORE.... 2011-2012 17 Faculty Members
20 Courses
360 Students New Student Online
Reporting System Collects critical student project info
Less of a burden upon faculty
Filters into a large database of projects
Database serves as a record of all SL projects
Tells us:
Who each student partnered with
What they did and how many hours served
How the project impacted the student Website Development Continuous updates
More Robust Content
Addition of new features Community Partner Directory Addition of new Main Community Partners
Adding & Online posting of their Wishlists for each semester Faculty Profiles New Feature
SL Faculty
SL Courses
Why the faculty member uses SL
Past projects
Student quote and project example
Faculty contact info
Will assist:
Other faculty members (and campus community) to know who is already teaching with SL
Identify potential divisional mentors
Community Partners in identifying faculty who already teach with SL and what they do.
Assist in meeting their needs
Students in identifying potential SL courses through the professors who teach them Community Partner Connections
& "Match Making" New Community Partner Orientations
Site Visits
Wishlist Gathering
Faculty Outreach & Connections to Wishlists Events United Way Agency Fair
Poverty Simulation
Nosh & Network (Community-Faculty) Event
Service Learning Celebration Faculty Assistance Assist the Faculty Liaison
Connecting and orienting new faculty
Outreach and follow-up with new & interested faculty
Faculty Connection to Community Partners Policies & Procedures
Certificate & Medallion
Wishlist Collection
Faculty Information Collection
Orientation Processes
Student Interest & Connection
Community Partnerships
Organization & Sustainability
Service Learning Advisory Committee Coordination Program Development Connections to Campus Completion By Design
Achieving the Dream
Vision 2.0
Experiential Education Students In Service & M3C Fellows 11 Members
1,001 Hours of Service
$9,500 Education Awards Sharing Service Learning with others... Fellow OCC VISTAS
Early College High School
Amherst High School
Westlake High School
Case Western Reserve University Greek Life Conference
Community College National Center for Community Engagement 2012 Annual National Overall served to connect the community and campus Program Coordination More Connections MAINTAIN GROWTH Community
Needs Faculty/
Courses (High Level) (Low Level) Thank you! Marcia Jones
Ruby Beil
Erin Corwin
Mari Welch
Maxine Kantor Service Learning Advisory Committee Meeting Maintain Tier 1 Community-Faculty "Match Making"
Wishlist Collection & Distribution
Data Collection & Reporting
Service Learning Advisory Committee Coordination
Program Development & Logistics Tier 2 Website Development & Updating
Marketing & Promotional
Event Coordination Tier 3 Civic Engagement
Ohio Campus Compact & other external Connections Project Team Marcia Jones - Manager of Career Services
Service Learning Project Director Ruby Beil - Assistant Professor, Division of Science and Mathematics
Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator
Service Learning Faculty Liaison Julia Provoznik - Ohio Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA
Community Engagement Coordinator Erin Corwin - Career Development Specialist-Experiential and Work-Based Learning
Service Learning Project Team Member Maxine Kantor - Career Services Staff Assistant
Service Learning Staff Support - Data & Reporting Mari Welch - Career Services Administrative Associate
Support - Grants & Budget (Void - No budget) Main Project Team Support Grow & mprove FURCO Critical Mass Building Faculty Involvement & Support
Faculty Incentives & Rewards
Student Opportunity
Student Leadership
Departmental Support Transition Plan?
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