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The Holocaust Victims and Their Badges

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megan schreiber

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Holocaust Victims and Their Badges

The Holocaust Victims And Their Badges By Megan Schreiber The Persecuted People The Jewish people were not the only group of people who were persecuted ,and victims in the genocide,by the Nazis. Many people think Jews were the only people persecuted, but Hitler wanted to get rid of any people who did not meet the standards of his ideal "Aryan Race". Hitler wanted to eliminate all people who were "inferior" and stood in his way of creating the master race. People's race,religion, beliefs, disabilities, or lifestyles could cause them to be considered "inferior" according to the Nazis. Who were the Victims? Many Different groups including:
The disabled ( physical or mental disabilities)
Jehovah's Witness
People of color
Political Prisioners (communists, Socialists, trade unionists,asocials)
Pole and Slavs
Common Criminals
Soviet POW's
Emigrants Their Badges People that were rounded up and sent to the concentration camps were given badges to wear on their clothes. The badges stated the reason the inmates were imprisoned in the camp.
The badges were colored triangles. A different color for each "offense". The Triangle meanings The Single Triangles
Brown- Gypsies
Uninverted Red- Enemy POWs
Black- People deemed 'Asocial' (Mentally ill, prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, some anarchists, ect.)
Pink- Homosexuals The triangle meanings The Double Triangles ( Star of David)
Yellow On Top of Yellow- a Jew
Red On Top of Yellow- Jewish Political Prisoner
Green On Top of Yellow- a Jewish "habitual criminal"
Purple On Top of Yellow- a Jehovah's Witness of Jewish descent The Triangle meanings The Double Triangles (Star of David)
Pink On Top of Yellow- A Jewish Homosexual
Black On Top of Yellow- 'Asocial' Jew
Voided Black On Top of Yellow- A Jew convicted of being a 'race Defiler'
Yellow On Top of Black- An Aryan Woman convicted of being a 'race defiler' The Single Triangles
Red- Political Prisoners
Green- professional Criminals
Blue- Emigrants
Purple- Jehovah's Witness The Triangle meanings The triangle meanings Repeat Offenders would receive bars over their stars or triangles. For example: People that were escape suspects were given this badge, along with their other one: Each Inmate were given individual number, like this one: The Victims During this mass genocide millions were murdered.
There are no exact numbers, only estimates. Jews~ 6 Million
Jehovah's Witness~ 2,500-5,000
Homosexuals~ Tens of thousands
Mentally/Physically Disabled~ 70,000-250,000
Gypsies~ 200,000-500,000
POW's~ 3.3 million
Poles/Slavs~ 4.5 million
Ukrainians~ 5.5 - 7 million
Others~ Unknown The victims All together Hilter's "Final Solution" is responsible for the deaths of more than 11 Million innocent people. Approximately 6 Million were Jews, and 5 Million non-Jewish people. Some people have calculated that the numbers were 11-20 million people total.
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