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Global Business Design Championship - Bombardier

Global Business Design GIE-6087 Université Laval

Emmanuel Rougier

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Global Business Design Championship - Bombardier

A presentation for the 2012 Global Business Design Championships Submitted to professor Benoit Montreuil
GIE-6087 Global Business Design class Created by: Caroline Beauregard Emmanuel Rougier Martha Sèle Hugues Virely The Stakeholders Owners and executives People from engineers to commercials in 35 different countries Staff People from engineers to commercials in 35 different countries 33 600 in the Aerospace 36 200 in the Rail transport industry Workforce
worldwide distribution 31 800 34 900 2 700 200 Others The company has increased its rate of employment in the past years besides the crisis Users Private
people Public transport Governments Clients Private airlines Private companies Private clients Governments Bombardier family owns 54,39% of voting rights Non-stop innovation
Internationalization spirit
Great talent engagement globally
Focus on good governance
Business of sustainability
A flawless execution Core competencies Creation: how Bombardier make it happen Key processes Strategic assets Strong relations with stakeholders
Diversified portfolio
Innovation investments
Global presence Experienced management
Large talent pool of well-trained and engaged employees Total product lifecycle Enabling technologies Management culture Organizational mode Creating better ways to create
- Network Creating our character
- Learning Creating
our offer
- Bundling "We lead a real talent management strategy in Bombardier"

John Paul Macdonald
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Public Affairs Versatility
Integrity mindset
High people standards
Continuous development: Career roadmap Two main poles: aerospace and transportation
Geographical poles for transportation: Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Other
Corporate structure on top Corporate organizational structure Group organizational structure R&D Department
Employees contribution
Talent attraction
Paradigmatic learning
-Cross-divisional learning
-Competitive intelligence
-Higher education learning Incremental learning
-States and public authorities
-Long-term partnerships
-Consortia Project management orientation with public authorities
Suppliers engagement
Employees engagement and participation R&D synergies with different private deep cooperations (JV, consortia, partnerships) Universities links Offer: Why others have a
stake in Bombardier Talent Customers "Turning travel into pleasure" A COMPLETE OFFER

Bombardier is the world’s only manufacturer of both planes and trains Services are proposed in addition to goods: formation, maintenance, financing, re-sell… to make the fleet easy to exploit for customers CUSTOMIZATION

Possible customization of products (Bombardier Specialized Aircraft Solutions for example)
Adaptation to all climates and customers (individuals, governments, corporations…) Bombardier service center - Singapore Constant innovation : 16 major new and derivative aircraft programs in the last 16 years

Mission: answering the 21st century's demands for sustainable transport, high speed journeys, urban flow and passenger comfort STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY

BOMBARDIER FLEXX bogies are world-renowned for their quality, innovation and performance. BOMBARDIER INNOVATION CONTEST:
online competition about the evolution of mobility in fast-growing urban areas, creation of new and innovative interior designs for trains Innovation is in Bombardier's DNA EXCELLENCE AND FIABILITY

About design : 12 rewards since 2007 about reliability : Bombardier Transportation has received three awards for fleet reliability at the industry acclaimed “Golden Spanners” awards DIVERSITY

99 nationalities in 40 countries
Action for women integration: Female Engineering network, and support to new mothers with maternality top-up paiements JOSEPH ARMAND BOMBARDIER'S FOUNDATION

Bombardier and its employees support a variety of local, national and international charitable initiatives.

Employees take part in the selection of charitable groups assisted each year, and receive 2 paid days off to volunteer with their favourite charitable organizations.

The J. Armand Bombardier Foundation, a private family foundation, was established in 1965 to carry on the humanitarian work of Joseph-Armand Bombardier and contribute toward the realization of Bombardier’s vision of social responsibility. Bombardier UK staff gardening in an hospice Investors and financers Bombardier is a joint stock company registered in the Toronto StockExchange Investors are confident as per below, we can notice that the share is quite stable for the last year Suppliers Competitors Transportation Aerospace Many suppliers for service, maintenance or products and materials Character Credo Purpose Mission & Vision Values Experience Hypotheses Concept Metrics Aerospace Transportation Ways to reduce energy consumption to benefit the train operator in an economic and ecological way World leader in rail technology with $9.8 billion in revenues for C2011 with an EBIT margin of 7.2%.
$9.7 billion in new orders in C2011 (book-to-bill ratio of 1) The C-series Energy-finding Simplicity Passenger delight The R&D at the heart of the company strategy Ways to reduce energy consumption to benefit the operators in an economic and ecological way Attracting customers or encouraging them to pay for a special service Reducing complexity to reduce cost and increased reliability Aerospace:
Opportunity for $626 billion over 20 years by developing the activity and increase market share in developing countries which will ask for more and more quality aircrafts Transportation:
In the long term, our market is steadily growing, sustaining high levels of activity. To develop its activity and continue to be a major player in railway transportation Bombardier is developing eco-friendly rail solutions 1937 1973 1986 Bombardier has a great experience related with 82 years of existence Integrity Commitment to excellence Customer orientation Shareholder focus The company promotes integrity and ethical manners in its relationship with stakeholders Excellence in all spheres of work and interactions with stakeholders Customer-centred culture that highlights service and meets the company's commitments at every level of the organization Create sustainable shareholder value through developing profitable products and projects The Evolution of Mobility is about creating better ways to move the world.
Transforming how millions of people get around every day, by train and by plane.
The Evolution of Mobility is all about what’s next. Pierre Beaudouin, CEO of Bombardier Inc. Bombardier is the world’s only manufacturer of both planes and trains.
Bombardier answers the call for more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable transportation everywhere Innovate to create faster, safer and highly technologic trains and planes for its customers to become the world biggest and most innovative aircraft and transportation company. An offer tailored to customer's needs

It offers a very large range of products in both Aerospace and transport industries SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Bombardier is ranked among the 2013 Canada’s Top 100 employers by MediaCorp Canada Inc. DEVELOPMENT AND WELL-BEING

Casual atmosphere : casual dressing, music listening, dedicated commitee to social events
Varied health benefit programs for family, retirements…

BTALENT: proactive tool to help employees manage their careers and development HEALTH AND SAFETY

Employee Assistance Program:
Access to various family support services (senior accommodations, caregiver support groups, emergency home care services, parenting, palliative care …).
Access to communications on prevention and response to various health and wellness issues, (stress management, depression, retirement, smoking cessation, health and nutrition…). Constant commitment to reduce work accidents
frequency and severity: COMMITMENT OF EMPLOYEES

Achieving Excellence System favors commitment of employees: in 2011, 32 000 workplace improvements !
Rewards: many employee recognition initiatives (Health and Safety Awards, Annual Accomplishment Awards, BOS Best Practice Awards, Innovation Award) by teams. Threat THE CHINESE THREAT

Investments and setting up in China -> technological transfers imposed by the chinese authority : threat to Bombardier’s leading innovation Canada and China trade ministers in APEC 2012 conference Gain Creation turns into gain: in 2011, turnover of $18.3 billion, net result of $837 million Bombardier 2011
General Assembly Feedbacks Collaborative creation and innovation

V5 PLM (Product lifecycle management), a global product development network that includes internal teams and global development partners
It helps address the challenges of integrating their global engineering organization
Rail transport industry

-Rail transportation systems
-Rail control systems
-Locomotives and equipment Aerospace industry

-Amphibious aircraft technologies
-Propulsion technologies
-Jet aircraft technologies Count on Bombardier within the next century to be a global leading actor in the evolution of mobility.
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