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21st Century Skills Conference

No description

nancy castonguay

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of 21st Century Skills Conference

The Mystery of the "21st Century Skills"
21 century skills will help our students deal with a rapidly changing world
It is about a paradigm shift...
the teacher becomes the choreographer
moving from content driven to inquiry based
focus on process as opposed to the end result
the smartest person in the room is the room
from passive to active learner
intelligence is an attainable goal - a mindset
from rigidity to fluidity
from marks driven to passion driven learner
Part of our role is to inspire awe and wonder in children. It can’t just be what they’re interested in or doors will remain unopened.
Focus on relevance... real problems... things that matter to students... BUT...
It's about making some serious changes in our education system...
Technology is driving rapid change
Not such a mystery after all...
Tupac (1988) - School should be engaging and should prepare kids for the real world...
The student will be able to:
Some truths to Tupac's words?
What are some of the changes we can make in our practice? Embrace creativity and innovation!
Are post-secondary institutions going to follow suit?
It's not about 'making schools better' by infusing more technology... it's about making schools different...
Easier said than done?
What about assessment?

We can all improve

Facilitating the development of 21 Century Skills might give our curriculum more balance.

We'd love to have Gini-Newman or Will Richardson come to our school?
Just giving students access to technology does not prepare them for the future.........
New Information Skills

Information Literacy
Media Literacy
Technology Literacy
solve real problems
think creatively
think critically
work independently
set goals
foster relationships
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