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Team Work Presentation Tamayoz

No description

Noury Medhat

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Team Work Presentation Tamayoz

Teamwork It is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people to achieve a certain goal. CLEAR GOALS Systems Positive Relationships Roles &
Responsibilities Strong Leadership Clear Communication

Personal Creditability

Develop people & Team
Mutual Respect


Okay with disagreement

Listening Vision

Mission Values

Strategies Accountability


Resources Planning And Meeting



Problem solving

1) Two people face each other & Inter lock their hands.

2) Blind Fold the third person who will fall between them.

3) And then u can do the fall several times.

4) After the First Fall the catchers lower their hands, purpose of this game is to build trust between group members. Free Fall Human Minesweepers

1- Each Team Constructs a circle.

2- A water balloon is thrown for 1 minute.

3- Then a 1 minute break is given, and and extra balloon is added to the group.

4- The team with most number of unexploded balloons wins. TC !! Don't get wet. What Are The Tools That We Need To Achieve A Perfect Team Work Model ? Whats The Difference Between .. "Team"&"Group" ? Team Group Contributes To Procedures.

Committed To Share Goals.

Climate Of co-operation.

Open & Honest.

Conflict Is Constructive. Committed to individual Goals.

Waits For Procedures.

Climate Of Competition.

Conflict Easy Escalates.

Careful Of What You Say. Human "Rock, Paper , Scissors" Each Team Huddles and pick a symbol

Two Teams Meet In The Playing Ground

If Your Team Wins, They Chase The Other Team To The End Zone

If You Team Looses You Must Dash Back To Your Zone Before You Get Caught

Those Who Get Caught, Changes To The Other Team

Game Ends When All Participants Be in One Team Thank You 1) Set Up Your Team. 2) Singly Enter The Maze. 3) Try To Cross To The Other Side Without hitting any bombs in your way out. 4) The Fastest team that finishes the maze wins.

1- Just like Foosball, the players have restricted movement.

2- Mark with tape on the floor, player positions(Teams have the ability to change the formation:
3 forwards.
2 defense.
1 goalie, per team

3- They must have one hand or foot the tape at all times, Switching hands is allowed.

4- Each team has a leader which decides the team restricted movement and formation. Human Table Hockey
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