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The Impact of Cosmetology

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Claudia Latino

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of The Impact of Cosmetology

The Impact of Cosmetology
Confidence means
self reliance
. Able to walk into a room knowing
who you

and being
of it.
The concept of confidence does not correspond with
. Thinking you are better then someone else, believing it and acting upon this is the complete opposite of what confidence is.
Confidence is a very important trait to have because this mentality of
"loving yourself"
is positive, increases your happiness, and overall is a healthy mindset to have.
The history of cosmetics
Scientists are set that it is impossible to find out who invented makeup, but makeup started back in the ancient times in Egypt. Today the hypothesis of makeup is for either spiritual/cultural beliefs or for improving physical appearance.
Ancient Egyptian Beliefs:

Separated upper and lower class
Protected the facial skin from warm climate conditions
Believed it cured eye diseases
Ancient fashion trend
Why Does Makeup Exist?
Women wearing makeup has been a historical trend for centuries. Many women wear makeup on an every day basis depending on where they are going or what they are doing. Makeup advertisements are seen everywhere including; TV commercials, billboards, newspapers, magazines, or online. The existence of makeup has been categorized into three parts.
Enhancing Your Natural Beauty
A lot of women want to enhance their natural beauty with makeup. For this reason, women feel more confident and happier because they feel more
into society. Rather this gives a positive attitude and boosts self esteem, are these women not confident by how they already look naturally? Is this an issue in itself?
Wearing makeup to enhance your natural beauty is the most common reason why women wear makeup. The concept of
also has an important role in this category. Women who are around others that wear makeup feel that they are more unattractive because they feel that the others look more attractive and get the most attention. This is where confidence comes into play, by loving the way you look with or without makeup.
The positive aspect about this category by enhancing your natural beauty is that it gives you a healthy mentality about yourself which increases your confidence, making you feel stronger and better about the way you look. Although it may seem that without makeup, you feel bad about the way you look, by enhancing your natural beauty it gives you that reassurance that you are beautiful in your own way, this boosts your self esteem and it increases your happiness.
The negative aspect about this category is that by enhancing the way you look
your mind into thinking that you need makeup in order to feel better about yourself. This is what the media is doing. It is influencing you to wear makeup to make you feel accepted in life.
Hiding Unattractiveness
Indirectly, the media can show that wearing makeup hides unattractiveness. By advertising makeup, the media is influencing to you that you need makeup because you are unattractive. This is the reality of what makeup is trying to hide. One might wear makeup to compete with other women that they are more attractive then women who do not wear makeup. This also ties in with confidence by
for what you look like. In today`s society, most people find that women who wear makeup are more attractive and others who don`t wear makeup are just too lazy or too simple.
We are all judged everyday by the way we look, dress, and act. If women do not wear makeup, do the people around them judge them because they are too lazy to enhance their physical appearance or do they think "wow she does not care what people think of her".
Who decides whether your attractive or unattractive? Everyone decides. Everyone judges. This is a social norm in reality. But one who might not think your attractive someone else may think you are (beauty is in the eye of the beholder). The media influences women, especially young girls that by wearing makeup you will fit into society and that everyone will think you are somewhat attractive. Is this healthy for a young girl to consider? Why is judging other people a reality in our lives?
Attracting Mates
The most observable reason why women wear makeup is to attract mates. For this reason, women feel the need to want to attract a mate for a future relationship. By appearing more attractive according to women who wear makeup, this will increase the chances into finding a new potential partner. Appearing more attractive will catch a potential mate`s attention faster then women who do not wear makeup.
The Good and the bad
The positive aspect of wearing makeup to attract mates is that it gives you more confidence and shows that you want that attention from other people.
The negative aspect of this is that sometimes if you feel that you look really good with makeup on but someone else thinks you as a person is not that exciting, that can be challenge. Being confident in who you are can actually become more attractive to a potential partner because that person notices that you are not afraid to show the real you. Which in the end is more important than how you look.
The Media Influence
The media is always trying to pressure women into looking a certain way; not fat but
, not natural but
. This is why women have a hard time trying to figure out who they are, and why its more harder for women to feel confident then men. Women feel that when they see a makeup advertisement somewhere they will feel that if Katy Perry was in the ad they will get influenced that they will actually look like her if they buy the product. This is how companies get their money, and this is why celebrities are the ones that are selling the product-the product and ad will be more
Catholic social teaching
Life and Dignity of Humans:
The dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. The moral vision that every woman is beautiful without makeup and do not need it in order to feel accepted by others or to themselves.
Common Good and Community:
The human person is both sacred and social. We realize our dignity and rights in relationship with others, in community. Human beings grow and achieve fulfillment in community. We are all different. We should accept that everyone is different which is a great thing. Women should not have to feel pressured to look a certain way because every one is different-imperfectly perfect.
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